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A company's establishment comes with lots of obstacles and questions, ranging from asset protection, risk management to ways to reduce numerous fees. PayCEC International Incorporation was built to assist all of our clients in the establishment and administration of secured and efficient corporate structures while eliminate the daunting processes of paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity and numerous fees.

Why Should Be PayCEC?

Prestige and Experience

Prestige and Experience

  • More than 10-year experience in providing incorporation service across the global market.
  • The vast and in-depth understanding of the client's ever-changing local and international industry.
Fast & Easy

Fast & Easy

  • Save more time by submitting documents from home without visiting anywhere in person.
  • Speed up legal processes and satisfy technical requirements with consultation from PayCEC's experts.
Supportive Community

Supportive Community

  • Take advantage by automatically joining in PayCEC's collaborative team of experts after established your business with PayCEC.
  • Respond quickly and precisely to the market changes, join into new markets as well as boost your revenue with the help from PayCEC's partnerships including the community of researchers, consultants, business partners, etc.


  • Guarantee the privacy of PayCEC's customers through various security layers: Transport Secure Layer (TSL)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate encryption, Symantec and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certificate and the extensive security of PayCEC's IT infrastructure.

Incorporation Application

Tell us about what you're woking on and we'll get back to you within a few days.

Get starting in approximately 20 minutes

We will navigate you through the prerequisites and we manage the rest. Fill out the necessary information in approximately 20 minutes. Afterwards, your company's legal framework will be created by us.

Create a legal entity

Create a legal entity

Set up your new company either as Private Limited or LLP in the United Kingdom. Legal documentation fillings and Tax ID number applications will be handled by our team. To set you up for business operation in the shortest duration of time.

Business Account And Debit Card

Business Account And Debit Card

Open a business account together with a debit card via online registration without the physical needs of visiting a branch or sending in hard copies of personal documents. After completing the process, you will gain access to log in to your account.

PayCEC Merchant Account

PayCEC Merchant Account

Accept payments from customers in 100+ currencies immediately when applying for a PayCEC account. Furthermore, take advantage of a selected range of PayCEC services, including Billing, Risk and Fraud Management.

An invaluable, resourceful community

An invaluable, resourceful community

Gain instant access to PayCEC International Incorporation Community when setting up your company with PayCEC International Incorporation. Being a member, you will get access to PayCEC's global network of experts, entrepreneurs, and investors while obtaining valuable advice and practices to triumph challenges.

You will be given instant access to PayCEC International Incorporation Community when setting up your company with PayCEC International Incorporation. With the status as a member, you will get connected to hundreds of experts, investors, entrepreneurs, accelerators, and companies around the world in the PayCEC network.

Set up your company for EUR €931

Choose jurisdictions:
Set up a United Kingdom company with PayCEC International Incorporation

Set up a United Kingdom company with PayCEC International Incorporation

We will guide you throughout the process of how to set up your company.


  • Establishment of a Private Limited/LLP company in the United Kingdom
  • UK New Company Incorporation - Document Preparation Fee
  • Establishment of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA)/ LLP Agreement
  • Share Certificate to issue share to founders (LLP excluded)
  • Registered agent fees for the first year
  • Business account opening
  • PayCEC Merchant account setup fee
  • PayCEC International Incorporation Community membership
  • Registered address and Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) registration
Manage your business

Manage your business

After using PayCEC International Incorporation to incorporate your company, there are various ongoing costs of managing a company that we assist you to administer.

Key ongoing costs (not inclusive in the setup fees)

  • United Kingdom company renewal - €929 per year (renewed periodically)
  • United Kingdom company's tax filing - from €39 per month
  • United Kingdom company's accounting - from €59 per month

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Our payment flow has developed in the e-commerce world to perform seamlessly and effectively across all platforms and devices. We take pleasure in combining technology with customer service, to solve your concerns at the moment.

PayCEC is a fully worldwide payment network that not only allows merchants to be paid immediately and securely, but also allows them to withdraw money in multiple currencies to their company accounts.

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