Choosing a payment gateway and payment gateway integration: never getting so easy like that!

Monday, 12 Jul, 2021

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E-commerce is now quite easy to achieve and build up. In the pandemic covid-19 and post-pandemic, e-commerce will become the most popular trend in purchasing behavior in the world, especially in the big cities where citizens have the most demand in the whole country. Consumers, following the Maslow model, want to be safe in their purchasing. Every e-commerce platform has to choose a payment gateway which has the most suitable and convenient payment gateway integration.

Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration

Integrating payment gateway is a needed action but how can e-commerce choose a suitable payment gateway which has an easy way in integration.

Why is payment gateway so important?

Payment gateway is a tool which is integrated into an e-commerce website to communicate with consumer’s payment check-out and Financial Institution. It protects online customers from other threats when it comes to online card payment process such as hacking, saving data, errors in bank account, etc. To understand the essential role of payment gateway, you can see these figures below

82% of consumers in USA paid in online website by credit/debit card in 2019
of consumers in USA paid in online website
by credit/debit card in 2019
76.8% of people who use the internet around the world purchased a product online in 2020
of people who use the internet
around the world purchased a product online in 2020
55,4% of people who use the internet around the world purchased online via a smartphone
of people who use the internet around
the world purchased online via a smartphone


Through these figures above, you can see many people not only in the USA but also around the world are now purchasing online. To protect consumers and compete with many e-commerce websites, e-commerce platform definitely needs a payment gateway integration or multiple payment gateway integrations which is suitable for many purposes, particular markets.

Criteria for selecting a Payment gateway

Management dashboard

Firstly, A payment gateway management dashboard has to be convenient and intuitive for merchants to use. It means business owners can easily track every single transaction via dashboard screen with detailed status. The payment dashboard has abilities to give e-commerce businesses all information that they want. It can report to the businesses about payment situation, balance, payout, transaction, consumer’s purchasing information.

Payment gateway management dashboard

Payment gateway management dashboard

Apart from those above, a management dashboard must need the comprehensive functionality regarding user profile editing namely user information update, managing password and credentials, verification, admin role management, business information management, and guide that links to payment gateway integration. All activities of users can be recorded in business under control.

Risk management

Risk management is very important to an e-commerce company and it one of many requirements payment gateway. Payment gateway not only secures consumer’s payment information but also protects e-commerce platforms by notification of threats in payment.

Every merchant has its own problems, the responsibility of payment gateway integration services providers is finding and solving each merchant’s problems. Merchants will have a clear picture of fraud and chargeback information if they can access a dashboard with full reports 24/7. Merchants' enterprises can make more precise judgments on possibly fraudulent transactions and modify their settings to adapt to the growing fraud trend using this important data.

Such as PayCEC, its payment gateway has risk and real-time risk management which can support e-commerce platforms 24/7. In addition, payCEC always updates and changes to improve itself in building the foundations for secure and successful online business activities.

Security function

The most essential factor that e-commerce should consider is security. A good payment gateway needs to collect 3 features in security functions which are tokenization (for tokenizing consumer’s payment information), 3D secure (for verifying consumer when check-out payment), and fully PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Check-out customization

In order to ensure all customer’s experiences will go smoothly, payment gateway needs to be flexible in check-out customization. Its purpose is not to break the consistency of consumers during checkout and bring to e-commerce business customer loyalty.

PayCEC payment gateway allows e-commerce platforms to edit their check-out page. With PayCEC, you can:

  • Create a name for your theme.
  • Choose colors for the background and a master theme color.
  • Select images for the background or add your logo on the header.
  • Add links from your website such as your return policy.
  • Add your company info and address on the checkout page.

Website Requirements for payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration services providers also require each online business and online store to reach the particular standard as well as clearly specify some important information on their website before accepting credit and debit cards. Requirements are necessary for integrating the payment gateway’s system into e-commerce websites.

There are some requirements that an online shopping website must include:

  • Company name and titles of trademarks used;
  • Purchase terms and conditions;
  • Goods/services delivery terms and conditions (delivery terms, pricing, and time);
  • Chargeback/ Payment refund terms and conditions;
  • Privacy policy / Personal data processing rules;
  • Valid SSL certificate (must work with https://);
  • Main information about the company: company name, company registration address, company registration number;
  • Customer service phone number and email address.

PayCEC is one of the few payment gateways that can support online shopping businesses to meet particular standards and requirements like Valid SSL certificate, PCI DSS,...

Payment gateway integration tutorial for online stores

Although integrating a payment gateway is a technical process, an owner can easily complete this task by remembering the 4 main steps below. Payment gateway integration is now available on both desktop browsers on any device.

Understand e-commerce priority Step 1 Understand e-commerce priority

Step 1: Understand e-commerce priority

  • In the first step of the tutorial, it's critical to figure out what your priorities are and what you want from your payment gateway. It will assist you in determining how your business growth should be carried out so that you can attain your intended goals with less time and effort. Define your objectives explicitly before deciding on an integration solution.
Select payment gateway 
and integrate Step 2 Select payment gateway and integrate

Step 2: Select payment gateway and integrate

  • In this step, businesses need to consider all criteria when selecting a payment gateway. After that, e-commerce companies need to create an online merchant account which is available on the payment gateway dashboard. And finally, online stores can integrate the payment gateway into their e-commerce platform. Note for this step, online shopping businesses need to use their own code for advanced e-commerce. The API language support is available for various coding languages such as Java, C++, Python, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, Ruby, and Pearl, etc.
Test the payment gateway integration Step 3 Test the payment gateway integration

Step 3: Test the payment gateway integration

  • After integration, to ensure that everything is in working order and that the e-commerce website is ready to go live, businesses need to test settings. E-commerce can contact the technical support staff of the payment gateway solution provider which is chosen at any point along the journey.
On-air the system and ready to go live Step 4 On-air the system and ready to go live

Step 4: On-air the system and ready to go live

  • This is the final step. After testing the payment gateway, businesses can start accepting payments.


All 4 steps of this tutorial are essential to any business that wants to integrate a payment gateway into an online shopping website.

If you want to see more detailed steps and technical tutorial, you can click here to find out payCEC integration process.

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