Connecting merchants & consumers worldwide with payment gateway for Mastercard

Friday, 07 Jan, 2022

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Are you looking for a global, seamless, safe and secure single payment solution for your ecommerce sites? You got the answer now with the Mastercard payment gateway. Online merchants have a chance to discover the land of milk and honey in terms of international business networks. The article will help readers understand the core values of Mastercard online payment gateway and catch the potential approach.

Connecting merchants & consumers worldwide with payment gateway for Mastercard

Connecting merchants & consumers worldwide with payment gateway for Mastercard

I. What is a Mastercard payment gateway?

Mastercard is an international company that provides payment services within its network. The company offers payment cards to consumers from credit card to debit card or prepaid card including physical or virtual cards. Mastercard’s businesses are mainly through partnerships with banks and financial institutions as well as organizational co-brand partners to offer merchants a solution to accept card payments from consumers.

1. Definition of Mastercard payment gateway

The payment industry has matured in the era of digital practice. Consumers are demanding more from online companies as well as small businesses. Mastercard payment gateway is a credit/debit card processing gateway that enables client companies to accept card checkouts from their customers via a connection point within the payment journey. From that, consumers can purchase products and services while companies can get paid easily.

2. How many types of Mastercard payment gateway services

The innovation of e-commerce has triggered the booming of online payment services, leading to a difference when it comes to Mastercard payment gateway services.

2.1 Mastercard physical POS (point of sales)

The point of sale (POS), an important component of a point of purchase, is the location where a client makes a payment for goods or services, as well as where sales taxes may become payable. It could be a physical store with POS terminals and systems processing Mastercard payments. Comprehensively, physical Mastercard payment gateway services support in-person payment where the card presents at the purchasing decision.

Mastercard POS is a powerful feature that facilitates retailers to reach higher KPI regarding revenue. This physical Mastercard payment gateway stimulates consumers to pay with ease and sometimes make a few impulsive shoppings.

Mastercard physical POS (point of sales)

Mastercard physical POS (point of sales)

2.2 Mastercard online payment gateway (virtual POS)

Mastercard online payment gateway normally refers to e-commerce transactions where payment activities happen on online platforms or digital mobile apps. The technology captures data of Mastercard credit card information that customer input on the checkout process. Mastercard online payment gateway is used in online transactions or card nonpresent payments.

Mastercard online payment gateway (virtual POS)

Mastercard online payment gateway (virtual POS)

3. How does Mastercard payment gateway work?

When it comes to the operation of Mastercard online payment gateway, a payment settlement method is always followed. This occurs when a client purchases a service or product from a merchant who accepts payments via a Mastercard payment gateway. Beginning with the entry of card information and concluding with payment being placed into the merchant's account and settlement, the payment gateway goes through a sequence of phases.

Here is How does Mastercard payment gateway work?

  • The merchant account is linked to the Mastercard payment gateway. It gives businesses one or more alternatives for integrating online credit card processing with their merchant business bank account.
  • It keeps track of each customer's payment details for each transaction. The merchant provides information about their clients to the Mastercard payment gateway using the tools offered by the payment gateway provider. The gateway encrypts the payment information during transmission to ensure its security.
  • This card information is sent to a payment processor or an acquiring bank. At this stage, the acquiring bank takes over. It performs some fraud screens before submitting the transaction to the card networks.
  • It notifies the merchant of the permission or rejection. The retailer sends a confirmation or rejection notification to its customers based on their yes or no response. Customers may be asked to pay in a different way.

The Mastercard payment gateway acts as a middleman for the customer and the merchant, ensuring that the transaction is performed safely and efficiently. The gateway acts as an intermediary between the acquirer and the merchant during payment processing, managing the customer's sensitive card information.

How does Mastercard payment gateway work?

How does Mastercard payment gateway work?

II. Mastercard payment gateway services provider - PayCEC

PayCEC is a payment service provider that accepts Mastercard payments via an online platform. Online firms or small businesses can integrate PayCEC payment gateway platform into their e-commerce website to facilitate Mastercard payments from online shoppers.

Normally, when establishing an e-commerce website, online merchants need to meet all security requirements from web-related authorizers. If your web page accepts online card payments especially from Mastercard issuer, your company is required to equip PCI DSS compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands but administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.

It sounds complicated but don’t worry, PayCEC has it all for you. By setting up PayCEC payment gateway, you are free of mind with compliant requirements, because our platform includes PCI DSS high standard in the Mastercard payment gateway services. Your business transactions and customer sensitive information will be protected with strong encryption.

III. Mastercard payment gateway API

Online commerce websites can be easily developed on various open sources. It is obvious that your business should employ a technical team who will be in charge of development projects. While big companies own a rich resource to hire a development team, small and medium size firms may look for another solution. That is why PayCEC development team has established a Mastercard payment gateway API for clients to install those e-commerce platforms without a technical-savvy person.

Whether you build up your ecommerce store on Wordpress with the woocommerce solution or OpenCart or even WHMCS open source, PayCEC Mastercard payment gateway API can take it all. The integration process is very simple, your team only needs to download the API and follow the guidelines for every single open source.

Click here for download API and Guidelines!

IV. What are benefits that Mastercard payment gateway offers to online businesses

Multiple sales channels and payment technologies are covered by a single, integrated payments platform.

1. Provide a superior consumer shopping experience

Provide a superior consumer shopping experience

With innovative online payment technologies that enhance speed, convenience and security, Mastercard online payment gateway enables your customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. By this feature, your business earns a great deal of sales opportunities as well as minimise the cart abandonment rate.

2. Reach more consumers

Online payment processing enables instant access into new markets and geographies. The number of Mastercard users worldwide is worth for online merchants to pay attention to. According to , there were 249 million Mastercard credit cards in the U.S. and 725 million cards in the rest of the world at the end of March 2021. If your website is integrated with Mastercard online payment gateway, your online business will land on the milk and honey market.

Reach more consumers

3. Build trust and ensure safety and security

Build trust and ensure safety and security

Overcome security challenges with infrastructure and technology platforms that meet Mastercard's strong safety and security requirements. As a result, your business will earn more loyal customers and enhance sustainable development.

4. Reduce operational costs

Utilize a single solution to meet all global needs. Your team can save more time to search for a payment provider in every market with Mastercard online payment gateway. This solution fits all markets from US to Canada, from UK to EU or Singapore to Japan and anywhere in the world.

Reduce operational costs

V. Mastercard payment gateway pricing

Pricing package is flexible depending on your needs. Let’s check the link below to update the latest offer prices. PayCEC offers a customized price that fits your demands. If your business has already incorporated with a business license, it is super easy for you to set up a Mastercard payment gateway. Then the price still depends on the location of your firm. There is a little bit of difference between regions and features to be offered. If your business still has not registered for a license, please contact us for support in documents consultancy and processing.

Pricing !

Please note that fees and charges are subject to change from time to time.

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