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Thursday, 26 Aug, 2021

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Geographical distance is no longer a challenge for global trade. Merchants and buyers are getting closer with e-commerce and pay via payment gateway. But how to find a payment gateway for unregistered business to join the international market? PayCEC will help you tackle this question.

Payment Gateway For Unregistered Business

Payment Gateway For Unregistered Business

1. Get out of the comfort zone in Ecommerce

An ambitious entrepreneur might think about challenging his or her ability. Setting a higher business target enables you to aspire to escalate sales and expand brand appearance. Overseas investment seems to be popular in multinational companies, large corporations or financial investment groups while the term still has not been considered in many SMEs.

However, It is possible to scale up internationally for small business owners, freelancers and other personal businesses with the advance of E-commerce. The appearance of E-commerce platforms facilitates merchants and shoppers to connect together like a piece of cake. Purchases can be made via the internet, and both parties do not need to present.

With the above typical feature of digital business, consumers are able to shop online without the barriers of geographical distance. Therefore, why don’t entrepreneurs think about approaching international markets via E-commerce? Heavily relying on domestic share may not be enough for making a breakthrough in business growth. This triggers small businesses to look for alternative solutions regarding foriegn market shares.

But how can we achieve these objectives with digitalization? The answer is that we need a payment gateway which is integrated into our ecommerce website to acquire online payments. However, Payment gateway providers need online merchants meet their onboarding criteria including company website, incorporation certificate and business profile. Is there any solution for local businesses to step into the global game?

2. Go global with Payment Gateway For Unregistered Business

Thinking about running an overseas business may overwhelm our local enterprises when it comes to legislation. Most international payment gateway providers only support clients with business licenses or any equal documents. As a result, unregistered companies have no chance to sell their products and services to other countries via ecommerce.

Do not worry too much, because we can tackle this problem with an international payment gateway for unregistered business.

get payment gateway without company registration

get payment gateway without company registration

2.1. What is a payment gateway without business registration solution?

To be eligible for online payment gateway integration, your online businesses should apply for an international entity certification to adapt multinational legal regulations. The entity should be incorporated in reputable jurisdictions that enables your online merchants to reach any continent and any market.

2.2. How PayCEC addresses payment gateway without business registration question?

PayCEC provides a premium payment gateway for unregistered business with dedicated customer services and quick registration online process. PayCEC offers local e-commerce companies an All-in-one payment solution for non-EU registered companies and non-Eu residents.

How do we approach the issue for you? Offshore company establishment is quite sophisticated and comes with obstacles and questions, ranging from asset protection to risk management to cost-cutting strategies. PayCEC International Incorporation was created to assist all of our clients in the formation and manage the effective corporate structures while removing the time-consuming processes of paperwork, bank visits, legal regulations and corporate expenditures. Here are the 4 steps we tackle your troubles:

Create a international legal entity

Step 1: Create a international legal entity

  • Set up your overseas company either as Private Limited or LLP or LLC in the UK and the US or the Netherlands.
  • Legal documentation fillings and Tax ID number applications will be handled by our team.
  • Set up for your business operation in the shortest duration of time.
Open business bank account and debit/prepaid cards

Step 2: Open business bank account and debit/prepaid cards

  • Online opening international company banking account.
  • Register Debit/Prepaid card links to your company account.
  • No need for branch visits, No need for hard copy of legal documents.
Set up merchant account and integrate payment gateway

Step 3: Set up merchant account and integrate payment gateway

  • Set up your merchant account to process online payments from international customers.
  • Integrate payment gateway into your ecommerce website to collect payment information.
Starting your global business and connecting with the world

Step 4: Starting your global business and connecting with the world

  • Accept orders from shoppers worldwide instantly.
  • Ongoing maintenance services from PayCEC.
  • 24/7 customer support and private Relationship Manager contact.

3. Get payment gateway without company registration for Freelancers

It is a tricky question for freelancers to connect with your clients online, especially international customers. Wire transfers can cost your clients significant bank fees as well as hidden fees. In addition, finding a payment gateway without company registration also helps freelancers widen their business with new clients who actively contact freelancers with peace of mind. But how can freelancers find that solution?

If you are a freelancer and are looking for a bigger opportunity to approach more clients, you can connect with PayCEC team. We are expertised in payment gateway for unregistered business consulting. With the rich ecosystem and strong network, we are confident to help you address the pain point with an ecommerce marketplace for vendors around the world.

We would like to introduce you PAPmall e-comerce marketplace platform. Unregistered small businesses and freelancers can easily open a vendor account on this platform and start running your online business here. Not only can you accept online payments from your existing customers, but also you are able to widen your potential portfolio.

Moreover, PAPmall is the optimal option when it comes to service industries. If your businesses mainly focus on service sectors instead of tangible products which require delivery service, you should apply for PAPmall e-commerce marketplace. By posting your product on this platform, your clients can easily find your services and click the proceed checkout button, then your clients input credit/debit card information and pay. The amount of money that customers pay will be in your vendor account at PAPmall and subsequently, you can transfer it to your bank account.

Payment gateway without company registration for freelancers

Payment gateway without company registration for freelancers

4. Payment gateway without business registration experience for small businesses

If you are running a small business in the domestic market and the market size still does not meet the acceleration speed, you can think about the international market. Nevertheless, your resources show it’s weakness in the larger game. It would be better to open a virtual office in the global markets to save your operation cost as well as ensure a solid foundation to settle much more investments in the near future.

PayCEC team can assist you earn more knowledge in terms of incorporation and government regulations and set up payment gateway for you in the most convenient approach. Therefore, your small company can get payment gateway without company registration experience with our prestige incorporation services.

payment gateway without business registration for small businesses

payment gateway without business registration for small businesses

5. Top 3 best countries for incorporation your online businesses

5.1. The United Kingdoms (UK)

The UK owns a global trade center on the European continent. The country offers encouraging policies and infrastructure for running business. Most international enterprises register their offices in the UK to operate cross border e-commerce with Private Limited Companies in the UK or LTD. In addition, banking service in the UK is well developed and you can accept any type of payment from different international bank cards and withdraw funds easily.

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5.2. The USA (US)

Choosing the US to establish your international business license is a strength point for competition and earn trust from customers worldwide. It enhances your company credibility and brand awareness. Registering your business in the US, your company will become a distinct legal entity. The company does not relate the debts arising out of the business. While the business owners can conduct their company operations without risking your personal properties. Entity type when forming your company in the US should be LLC (Limited Liability Company).

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5.3. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most open economies in the world with outstanding infrastructure. Establishing a company in the nation can help you approach the EU market without any barrier. Besides, the Netherlands has Stable legislation and politics, coupled with excellent international relations. When incorporating an entity here, your business will be Dutch Limited Liability Company (Dutch BV).

6. PayCEC premium package for your E-commerce

It can be challenging to operate globally without the right Payment Gateway For Unregistered Business. To help our clients thrive revenue, we are pleased to launch the PayCEC premium package with tremendous features that assist merchants adapt quickly with global trends.

PayCEC premium service is an all-in-one solution for small enterprises and freelancers:

  • Marketplace platform support
  • Incorporation & banking account consultancy
  • Ideal for startups and SMEs
  • Cost-Effective
  • Rich Ecosystem

Learn more here!

PayCEC premium package for global e-commerce

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