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Thursday, 15 Jul, 2021

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A payment gateway encodes payments for merchants in all business categorizations. They take responsibility for the security of a payment, sensitive data of the transaction and process it into a virtual station or an E-commerce website. They are taken as the key which links from the customers to the merchant and from the merchant to the payment processor through the use of encryption. It sounds like finding the best online payment gateway in the UK- the wide market of e-commerce business, is complicated. Let’s be with us today figure out the payment gateway, know more about the payment platforms in the UK and some of the payment gateway providers in the UK.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is taken as a secure way for merchants to enter their shopper’s sensitive information such as credit/ debit card numbers on the website, to make payments.

Basically, it encrypts merchant’s data sent and works with the acquiring bank to determine if the transaction is approved or declined. Then, if the transaction is successful, the money will be taken to the bank account straight. Merchants can avoid being charged some fees if the transaction is declined.

The payment gateway, it helps the e-commerce platforms to raise the ease of payments to offer to their merchants.

The shopping scene in the UK can be described as the presence of globalization. Just by a click, retailers can approach their shoppers right away, shoppers can purchase goods/services anytime and anywhere without leaving their own countries.

At PayCEC, there are 2 types of payment methods provided: direct and redirect. PayCEC ensures the shopper’s security during their checkout process for their sensitive data not to be leaked. We do not share the payment’s information to vendors or anything additional information related.

The best online payment gateway in UK

The best online payment gateway in UK

What to look for in a payment gateway?


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of rules that are supposed to be followed by any business to process, store, and transmit cardholder’s details. It is taken as the key practice to create a secure environment in E-commerce for kinds of information. As an online payment gateway provider, especially e-commerce merchants, they have to ensure that they comply with PCI DSS compliance, to protect and handle the shopper’s data.

Ease of integration

Payment gateway - it integrates with the merchant accounts. It provides them various options to integrate online card processing capabilities with the merchant business account. There’s multiple distinctive features which explain transaction kinds and lead the merchants to integrate a payment gateway into websites: transaction types.


From the merchant side, especially for the high expectations on security issues, they want their shoppers to rely on them completely. Knowing and understanding that demands, every payment gateway provider always focuses on building and working on reliability. That’s supposed to be the key factor which helps payment gateway providers in the UK to gain trust from shoppers.

Fraud detection

Everything relates to the merchant and their shopper’s information is important. Nowadays, most payment gateway providers serve a function which involves fraud screening rules that are highly flexible and can be fine-tuned according to merchant business requirements. This service helps merchants to automate and streamline scams operations to help maximize revenue.

Multiple payment methods

As we can see, most local payment gateway service providers nowadays accept many kinds of payment cards such as credit and debit cards. Besides that, it depends on which country that they will accept Visa like Asians use it mostly while as in UK (Europe), they tend to accept Mastercards, or like in North America, they will prefer AMEX and Mastercards. To join in as many markets as possible, or with many different merchants , it raises the company’s competitive ability as well as avoid losing their own loyal customers. Merchants tend to approach more shoppers by serving multiple payment methods, helping them to get more good shopping experiences. For instance, there’s a rise in payment platforms in the UK such as: Paypal, PayCEC, Worldpay, Adyen, etc. They are supposed to be the one who serve the best online payment gateway in the UK.

What to look for a payment platform in UK?

What to look for a payment platform in UK?

The best online payment gateway/ payment platforms in UK

Due to the needs of online shopping in the UK, the growth of online payment gateway has been increased as well. According to Statista, mobile commerce is set to outer space, over the other digital businesses in 2021. It can reflect that purchasing in the UK is insane, people tend to do shopping online on their devices right away. Using a smart device to purchase online is necessary and comfortable. It causes some reasons to make the UK be more central to what most of online payment gateway providers want to target. As mentioned above, there ‘s numerous online payment platforms in the UK, which help the merchant and their shopper’s transactions be much more convenient and easier since the payment demand has been being raised.

Merchants in the UK acquired some benefits during the pandemic

While the other industries are being affected by the Covid unexpectedly, the E-commerce industry is different. Apparently, Covid changed everything and it has caused the boom in this industry particularly, due to Covid-19 crisis.

In the scene where the economy has slumped during this pandemic, it also has led to a surge of e-commerce and digital transformation.

As UNCTAD Acting Secretary-General Isabelle Durant said before, businesses and consumers that were able to ‘go digital’ have helped mitigate the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

There are numerous research studies that have shown that the E-commerce or digital field particularly, is being improved acrossing the region.

We cannot deny those losses or damages which Covid has caused, but when it comes to the benefits that those merchants have acquired due to this pandemic, on this e-commerce platform, it’s like the plot twist of a moral story. To raise the awareness and competitive ability, most e-commerce businesses tend to focus on their goals in the first place, they have tried to expand their networks among merchants by accepting global payments. The payment platform in the UK, has been developed so well, for their businesses can reach wider markets, no matter what this pandemic has brought up. Many global cards are accepted, more target shoppers' payments are accepted smoothly and the payment transactions become much easier and more convenient. At this point, those merchants can obtain benefits by integrating those global payment gateways.

It’s been more than a year since the world was into this pandemic. On the bright side, some of the industries have returned to the playground such as: logistics, social media, etc, that global merchants, as in the UK, can approach. After Brexit, now UK enterprises need to look further over new markets namely the growing economies in Asia Pacific as well as traditional business partners in North America or those developing nations in South America via E-commerce, leaving the demand for “Online integration”.

Benefits that merchants acquired from payment platforms in the UK.

Benefits that merchants acquired from payment platforms in the UK.

Online integration

Knowing and understanding those merchant’s expectations, many global payment gateway providers, especially in the UK, allow merchants to reach or approach their sites easily.

As in PayCEC, we create many opportunities for merchants by integrating online payments. Merchants can approach our homepage for the detailed information and sign up with simple and easy procedures. There’s customer service as our Relationship Managers who are available 24/7 to support those steps in quick ways. It only takes for a while then the merchants can successfully have an account.

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