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Tuesday, 14 Sep, 2021

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C2C business is booming thanks to the breakthrough of marketplace platforms. These internet malls simplify the buying and selling process and make it more popular in the global markets as a result, the question “What is C2C business” arouses in the Net community. Beside the positive performance of C2C e-commerce, the C2C payments still challenge both buyers and sellers in terms of security and cash management. The article can help you learn more about “ What is C2C mean?” and recommend some C2C payment gateways.

C2C e-commerce & C2C payment gateway

C2C e-commerce & C2C payment gateway

1. What is C2C?

What is C2C mean? - a question that is aroused in the current Net community. In this paragraph, we will provide you some ideas to answer the question “What is C2C?”.

According to Investopia, What Is Customer to Customer (C2C)? can be explained as below:

Customer to customer (C2C) is a business concept in which customers deal with one another typically via online. Auctions and classified advertising are two examples of C2C markets in action. With the emergence of the Internet and businesses, C2C marketing has grown in popularity.


  • What is C2C? - Customer to customer (C2C) is a business strategy that allows customers to trade with one another, often over the internet.

2. What is C2C business?

To answer the question “ What is C2C business”, we can approach this topic with the following content.

C2C business is a business model that allows individual persons to trade with one another. This type of e-commerce connects people to do business with one another, whether it's for goods or services. The purpose of a C2C business is to facilitate these connections by assisting buyers and sellers in finding each other. Customers can profit from product competition by finding products that would otherwise be difficult to find.

C2C businesses act like intermediaries for customers to conduct business with each other.


  • What is C2C business? - C2C firms are a form of company model that arose as a result of the sharing economy and e-commerce technology.

What is C2C business?

What is C2C business?

3. What is C2C e commerce with examples?

This part will deeply explain the concept of “What is C2C commerce?” and give you examples with brand recommendations.

C2C e-commerce represents a market environment where one buyer purchases goods or services from another customer using a third-party business or platform to facilitate the transaction. C2C businesses are a form of company model that arose as a result of e-commerce and the sharing economy. These companies are called online marketplaces.


You might already know a few typical examples of C2C companies like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba, Uber etc. We are pleased to help you understand more about “what is c2c e commerce with example” by introducing

PAPmall was founded in 2020 as an international platform that not only provides online shoppers an easy, secure and simple online shopping experience but also plays as a solution for global vendors to optimise selling revenue.

The company aspires to bring an updated system along with the dedicated support from the service team to help users (both customers and individual and business sellers) find the best satisfaction in the E-commerce industry.


  • “What is C2C e commerce with examples?” - C2C e-commerce companies represent a market environment where one customer purchases goods/services from another customer by using a third-party business website or platform to facilitate the transaction. Eg: Amazon, eBay, PAPmall, Uber etc.

4. Difficulties in C2C payments?

C2C businesses need C2C payments from customers to conduct the transactions. However, C2C payments in an online environment is a challenge for many individual businesses due to the online financial risks and cash flow management. In this article, we would like to recommend the 3 C2C payment systems to tackle the issue in C2C payments.

C2C payment gateway for marketplace companies

PayCEC is a payment gateway provider for marketplace platform startups and SMEs who are scaling up their business to global markets. PayCEC C2C payment gateway helps your marketplace accept, secure and redistribute funds to your clients effectively.

Your backend team can integrate our C2C payment gateway solution on your platform quickly thanks to our open source and available guideline. Especially for the marketplace platform that is building on Wordpress, OpenCart and WHMCS etc.

PayCEC C2C payment gateway service keeps C2C customer payments and transactions safe on your ecommerce platform thanks to multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools. PayCEC C2C payment gateway meets all the requirements of PCI DSS compliance and 3D secure as well as tokenization. Therefore, your e-commerce platform will not need to equip extra compliance systems.

Your management team is able to make faster, more precise & more effective decisions with insights from real-time data & set of extensions with PayCEC support tools. PayCEC C2C payment systems focus on your ecommerce platform business while we verify your C2C users transactions in accordance with the latest European and local regulations. You may relax because your C2C merchants and end-users from all over the world have been verified. As required by European marketplace regulations and local C2C payment gateway regulations, we confirm and declare their identity to the banking authorities.

C2C payment gateway for online marketplace companies

C2C payment gateway for online marketplace companies

For C2C business individuals sell products/services via social networking sites

If you are running a business on social media channels, it is important to have a bank account. With a bank account, you can receive internet banking transfers from your clients easily. For bank transfer C2C payments, you can apply for a current account at the online digital banking company like DNBC Financial Group. There are a variety of pricing packages available for you depending on your needs. You can also apply for a debit card for easy cash withdrawal at ATMs worldwide.

C2C payments for individuals on social network via digital banking transfers

C2C payments for individuals on social network via digital banking transfers

For C2C business individuals sell products/services on the marketplace platforms.

To explore more potential on the internet environment, you should open an online store on many marketplace platforms. These online malls not only offer big data for you to approach new clients around the world but also ensure strong C2C payment systems. PAPmall is a representative in the field as it supports full C2C payment systems from SEPA internet banking transfer to credit/debit cards, ewallet and crypto currencies etc. In addition, PAPmall protects C2C buyers and C2C sellers with payment guarantees and privacy policies.

C2C payments for individual sellers on marketplace platforms

C2C payments for individual sellers on marketplace platforms


  • There are issues with some C2C businesses, such as a lack of quality control and payment guarantees.
  • C2C payments includes internet banking transfers, payment cards, ewallets, crypto currencies and so on.

5. C2C payment systems solution - PAPmall marketplace platform

Why do we mention PAPmall as a typical recommendation in the article?

Experience and Prestige

With loads of experience and lessons that PAPmall has gained so far, we’re proud to advise the trustworthy platform for buyers and sellers. Its clients will be consulted with experts from how to sell on platform to marketing tools.

Multiple Payment Methods

Don’t worry about payment struggles when it comes to checkout. Because in PAPMall, we can make secure and seamless transactions. The platform accepts multiple payment methods including credit and debit cards, ewallet like PayPal, PayCEC personal etc. or Cryptocurrencies or Internet banking transfers in SEPA and that helps customers’ payment processes be quicker and much more convenient.

Various currencies support

The difference in currencies is always a big issue for recipients especially. PAPmall accepts various currencies which make your transactions more convenient. With the intuitive interface, this marketplace can bring customers a friendly shopping environment for both buyers and sellers.

High-quality Protection system

PAPmall is responsible for security, and securing client data is one of the top concerns. It has a sophisticated two-tier security mechanism that detects scammers automatically. Moreover, it’s interface expands in terms of goods and services while still ensuring the safety of customers.

Wide range network

PAPmall offers a variety of services in addition to IT software. Don't be afraid to use PAPmall's network of vendors and customers to develop your business. By using the platform C2C businesses can bring huge and diverse regions together. Besides, PAPmall team also assists all C2C and B2C sellers in determining which of their good outcomes are, as well as C2C purchasers in connecting with their providers.

24/7 Customer Service Support

PAPmall offers a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows you to be served at any time. You can contact them by several channels including phone, email, or live chat whenever necessary.

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