Is it safe to give debit card number and CVV?

15 Feb 2022 By PAYCEC

Providing debit card numbers and CVV is a must when it comes to debit card online payments. Without giving these credentials, your online transaction will not be completed.

It is safe to give a debit card number and CVV on an ecommerce website if this site supports online payment with a redirect checkout platform and 3D secure payment gateway like PayCEC payment gateway.

What is a redirect checkout payment?

When the customer makes a payment, they will be redirected to a separate page of the payment gateway, during the checkout process instead of input debit card details on the merchant’s website. By this way, the businesses will have less control over customer’s data and reduce the risk of data breach, leading to strong security for online payment.

3D secure payment gateway?

3D payment gateway operates with an extra verification step - OTP (One time password) before the amount of money being deducted from the card holder’s bank account. The extra layer of protection is added to financial transactions on ecommerce or commercial websites.

OTP (One Time Password) is a group of random numbers which is generated and sent to the card holder’s mobile phone via SMS or soft token or even email whenever a new transaction occurs. OTP is valid in a short time from 15 to 30 seconds depending on provider and type of service.


When online shoppers make payment by using credit/debit card, the 3D payment gateway proceeds the online transaction with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). Customers are required to provide their payment card details including: Card number, card holder’s name, expiry date and CVV (Card Verification Value) and an additional verification step which is known as OTP/3D Secure to enhance safety in online checkout payment.

Customers are protected from fraudulent and cyber crime when shopping online.

The primary advantage of 3D Secure protocol is that online shoppers are protected every time they go shopping online. They can control the purchases that they make online and confirm instantly. If a suspicious payment occurs, customers also receive OTP to their mobile phone or other mobile devices. By reporting the unauthorized transaction and not providing OTP, online shoppers are safe from financial crime attacks.

For merchants, the 3D payment gateway helps their business losses in terms of charge back policy. While an unauthorized transaction is prevented from proceeding thanks to 3D Secure Strong Customer Authentication, merchants can avoid selling products or services to non-liable buyers. As a result, return and refund will be under control and online businesses benefit most from this security operation.

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