What can 60,000 American Express (Amex) points get you?

07 Mar 2023 By PAYCEC

The value of 60,000 American Express (AMEX) points can vary depending on how you choose to use them. Here are a few examples of what 60,000 AMEX points can get you:

Reward your employees and clients

Why not show your appreciation for their hard work by giving valued employees a gift card from a variety of retailers? Employees can treat themselves by purchasing three £100 Harrods gift cards with 60,000 points. Three employees could each receive £100 worth of treats from the renowned Harrods Food Hall with this sum, or a very fortunate employee could splurge on a high-end purchase for themselves.

How about two Fortnum & Mason hampers to celebrate the accomplishments of your company? Or perhaps you'd prefer to give a client a delectable Rosé Quartet Wicker hamper and distribute The Congratulations Hamper among your team.

Remember that you can use SafeKey® to make purchases from our partner sites and to securely redeem 60,000 Membership Rewards points against your purchase.

Transferring Amex Membership Rewards points

The most effective way to use Membership Rewards points is to transfer points to affiliated airlines and then exchange miles through their frequent flyer program. This program allows for a lot of direct redemption (including Amazon and gift cards), but you can almost always get the maximum value from the partner program.

This valuable flexibility is one of the main reasons why all travelers should earn convertible points in one or more of their major programs.

Also, keep in mind that this list is just a representative selection of various choices that might interest a broad audience of readers. Every traveler defines a "valuable" redemption differently, so if the rewards listed below don't fit your specific plans, be sure to look into other rewards.

Treat yourself to something special

By exchanging 60,000 points for £270 to spend at Harvey Nichols, you can take a moment to appreciate how hard you work on your business. You could reward yourself with a new outfit, a designer watch, or a Samsonite Neopod Spinner 55cm cabin suitcase.

Maybe it's time to relax by scheduling an appointment at Urban Massage with a friend. As an alternative, treat your feet to a pair of shoes from Russell & Bromley, one of the best shoe companies in the UK.

Business Technology Upgrade

Invest in new business technologies with 60,000 points. For example, Currys sells a variety of office supplies that can be exchanged for points.

Complement your laptop with a separate LED monitor. Or buy the Epson WorkForce DS-360W document scanner, which does the simple task of digitizing receipts. It's portable. And if you don't like the rugged printer, prepare one of the Currys HP wireless inkjet models. Some of these come with four months of ink.

Use points on business trips

Earn 60,000 points for your next air trip, Eurostar trip or loyalty partner's hotel accommodation, and you can use them whenever you are ready.


Keep in mind that, given the current welcome bonus on the Amex Gold, all of the aforementioned possibilities are merely a sample of what you can do with American Express Membership Rewards points. When it comes to using 60,000 Membership Rewards points, there are a ton of options. While we're at it, it pays to use CardMatch to see if you qualify for an even better 75,000-point welcome offer (offer subject to change at any time).

If you take advantage of the Amex Gold card's 4x earnings at restaurants and U.S. supermarkets (up to $25,000 in purchases per calendar year, then 1x), your point balance could rise even more quickly. It won't always be possible to earn 60,000 Membership Rewards points after using the card to make a $4,000 purchase within the first six months of opening an account. The card has an annual fee of $250. (see rates and fees).

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