Who enforces PSD2?

22 Mar 2022 By PAYCEC

It depends on the decision of each European Union Member State who is responsible for appointing a National Competent Authority in charge of issuing and monitoring account information service provider (AISP) licenses. 

PSD2 is implemented in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates financial firms and markets in the country. The FCA is in charge of determining which third-party providers (TPPs) can be licensed or registered, as well as monitoring TPPs' PSD2 reporting duties. The FCA also handles all complaints directed at a third-party source.

National Competent Authorities:

  • AT - Austria - Austrian Financial Market Authority
  • BE - Belgium - National Bank of Belgium
  • BG - Bulgaria - Bulgarian National Bank
  • CY - Cyprus - Central Bank of Cyprus
  • CZ - Czech Republic - Czech National Bank
  • DE - Germany - Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
  • DK - Denmark - Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
  • EE - Estonia - Estonian Financial Supervision Authority
  • ES - Spain - Bank of Spain
  • FI - Finland - Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority
  • FR - France - Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority
  • GR - Greece - Bank of Greece
  • HR - Croatia - Croatian National Bank
  • HU - Hungary - Central Bank of Hungary
  • IE - Ireland - Central Bank of Ireland
  • IS - Iceland - Central Bank of Iceland
  • IT - Italy - Bank of Italy
  • LI - Liechtenstein - Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein
  • LT - Lithuania - Bank of Lithuania
  • LU - Luxembourg - Commission for the Supervision of Financial Sector
  • LV - Latvia - Financial and Capital Market Commission
  • MT - Malta - Malta Financial Services Authority
  • NL - Netherlands - The Netherlands Bank
  • NO - Norway - The Financial Authority of Norway
  • PL - Poland - Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • PT - Portugal - Bank of Portugal
  • RO - Romania - National Bank of Romania
  • SE - Sweden - Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
  • SI - Slovenia - Bank of Slovenia
  • SK - Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia

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