Is American Express (Amex) available in Austria?

03 Apr 2023 By PAYCEC

Yes, American Express is available in Austria. American Express has a presence in many countries around the world, including Austria. Austrian residents can apply for an American Express credit card on the American Express Austria website or through various banks that offer American Express products.

American Express is a financial services company that operates globally, including in Austria. Austrian customers can apply for and use various American Express credit cards, including the American Express Gold Card and the American Express Green Card, which offer benefits such as rewards points, travel insurance, and purchase protection. Additionally, American Express offers merchant services and business solutions to companies operating in Austria.

American Express credit cards can be used at many major brands and merchants in Austria. Some popular merchants that accept American Express cards in Austria include supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and airlines, among others. American Express also offers exclusive deals and discounts for cardholders at select merchants in Austria and around the world.

Most American Express cards in Austria do not charge cardholders a fee. To request an additional cardholder, log into your Amex account and fill a simple application.

It will be convenient if you share your account with someone else or increase your point balance because the additional cardholder will earn points per $1 spent. However, you will be legally responsible for all repayments and account features.

Types of Amex Credit Cards in Austria:

American Express (Amex) offers a range of credit cards in Austria, including:

  1. The American Express Gold Card: This card offers various benefits such as earning reward points for every Euro spent, travel insurance, and exclusive hotel and dining privileges.
  2. The American Express Blue Card: This card is designed for everyday spending and offers cashback rewards, travel accident insurance, and exclusive shopping discounts.
  3. The American Express Platinum Card: This card is a premium travel card and offers a range of travel benefits, including access to airport lounges, travel insurance, and concierge services.
  4. The American Express Green Card: This card is designed for young professionals and offers various rewards and benefits, including cashback rewards, purchase protection, and discounts on dining and travel.
  5. The American Express Business Card: This card is designed for business owners and offers various benefits such as expense management tools, cashback rewards, and travel insurance.
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