How can I pay online with my bank account?

15 Feb 2022 By PAYCEC

Consumers are able to check out online with their bank account if merchants offer digital banking transfer acceptance. At PayCEC, we support businesses to integrate a checkout software with a banking transfer interface.

PayCEC assists you on your journey towards acquiring the SEPA Credit Transfer - a tool that will help you keep up with the rushing pace of innovation in the sector of payments. With PayCEC’s Credit SEPA Transfer, making payments within the eurozone is so easy. Merchants will have a business banking account with their own IBAN number to collect payments in the SEPA network.

IBAN is a standard international system for identifying individual bank accounts.

IBAN numbers consist of up to 34 characters. The first 2 letters indicate the bank's home country, the next 2 are "check digits", then a series of numbers identifies the bank and account.

For payee checkout input:

  • Name of the merchant or your company (Beneficiary name).
  • The purpose of payment (please note your order details, such as order number, sender name… )
  • International bank account number (IBAN) of the merchant.
  • Country that the customer wishes to send the money to.
  • Business identifier code (BIC) (if any).
  • Supporting documents (if any due to high volume of orders).

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