What do 20,000 American Express (Amex) points get you?

07 Mar 2023 By PAYCEC

After earning 20,000 American Express Membership Rewards points1, you'll be eligible for various benefits from our technology, travel, and retail partners. With an American Express® Business Gold Card2, cardholders receive points for every £1 spent. Depending on where and how you spend your points, 20,000 points are typically worth between £80 and £100.

Here, we examine the various strategies you can use to maximize your point balance.

Reward your employees and clients

Gift cards from retailers are a thoughtful way to acknowledge your valued employees for their contributions. For instance, you could exchange 20,000 points for two £50 M&S gift cards, allowing the recipient to purchase something special for their home or stock up on Gastropub meals and snacks for some cozy nights.

Treat yourself to something special

Recognize your efforts by taking a break. Would you like to exchange 20,000 points for $100 worth of Amazon merchandise? You could buy yourself a wireless headphone set, a back massager, or even some items of clothing you've had your eye on.

Alternatively, go to Boots and spend big on your preferred perfume or skincare line since 20,000 points there currently equal £90. Why not browse BrandAlley, which sells some of the most well-known brands at discounted prices?

Upgrade your business tech

If you have 20,000 points, you can update your company's technology. For instance, Currys offers a variety of business-related technology that you can purchase. Consider using 20,000 Membership Rewards points for a stylish replacement worth up to £90 if you're sick of your temperamental mouse, keyboard, or printer. Some Currys HP wireless inkjet models are shipped with an ink cartridge supply good for four months.

Treat yourself in a special way

Take the time to realize how hard you work. How about exchanging 20,000 points for an Amazon product worth 100100? Maybe you can treat yourself with a back massager, wireless headphones, or clothes you've noticed.

Or go to Boots, where 20,000 points are now worth 9090, and enjoy shopping for your favorite perfume or skincare brand. If you're unsure what you want, look at Brand Alley, which sells some of the biggest brands at a discount. With 20,000 points, you can purchase products worth 의90 on the site.

Business Technology Upgrade

Improve your business skills with 20,000 points. For example, Currys sells a variety of business-related skills that can be obtained in exchange for points. If you've had enough volatile mice, keyboards, or printers, consider investing in stylish replacements worth up to 9090 with 20,000 Membership Rewards points. Some Currys HP wireless inkjet models come complete with four months of ink.

Use points while traveling

If you need to go on a trip for business or tourism purposes, you can earn 20,000 points for a flight ticket, a Eurostar trip, or a hotel stay. Check your options with your loyalty partner and use your points whenever ready.

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