6 Things you don’t know about E-commerce/ E-commerce payment system

Thursday, 27 May, 2021

The E-commerce industry has been rising dramatically recently. Its platform is varied and unpredictable really. One study showed that visitors of e-commerce websites reached 2.87% on average. Therefore, there’s so many potential opportunities in this field. Besides that, the e-commerce system has been rising strongly as well, especially in this age of technology. Here’s 6 things that you may not know about E-commerce.

E-commerce Insiders: E-commerce payment system.

E-commerce Insiders: E-commerce payment system.

Table of contents:

1. It is similar to traditional retails.

Nowadays, due to the fast speed of improvement in terms of technology, all selling and buying activities happen on digital platforms, although e-commerce may release a whole bunch of features most everyday, but the core value of commerce is still unchanged. No matter if it is digital or online marketing, they still reflect traditional market principles. Those entrepreneurs better catch and understand their own consumer psychology as well as research more about the market’s latest trends on mobiles and PC browsers, to maximize the purchase conversion rate.

2. Product description is important.

When it comes to E-commerce businesses, consumers are not able to try or touch the goods and services physically in the first place.Therefore, a strong good product’s description will help to raise the consumer’s buying decisions. Whatever we write in the descriptions, has the power to decide the business’s success, has to provide enough information for our consumers’ concerns. The more detailed the product or service description is, the more possible that clients click the buy button.

Like PayCEC - the e-commerce payment system which provides payment gateway for most online businesses. We provide full information about payment gateway services, guidelines about how to integrate our platform to merchant’s commercial websites or technical requirements (e.g: when it comes to Woocommerce installation). Besides basic information of a payment gateway onboarding, PayCEC also provides solutions to make all the transactions more convenient and quicker in the safest ways.

3. Social media.

Social media is supposed to be the key contributor of all E-commerce businesses, in this industry generally. Due to the daily activities of online shoppers on Facebook, Youtube, Instagrams, etc., E-commerce businesses have tremendous opportunities to interact with most users everyday on different platforms.

E-commerce businesses can take full advantage of this to develop brand recognition and help improve consumers’ shopping experiences. Everyone can spread more about it through their personal platforms. Furthermore, based on many features of E-commerce businesses, all the online sellers can promote their goods and services there. For instance, black friday, seasonal discounts, membership’s promotion, etc.

Besides usual activities on digital platforms and most e-commerce payment systems, consumers can be provided some benefits such as: doing all transactions in quick just by a click, selling and buying among many parties through the online platforms on mobile app or web browsers, sharing and spreading information, etc. Therefore, the enterprises can raise the conversion rates strongly and manage their business much more effectively.

4. Variety of features and products/ E-commerce payment system.

One big advantage of E-commerce platforms is the businesses can set up and control their things by themselves. Whenever one user searches for a name or a keyword, many options will be shown up at once. From this point, online companies can evaluate the market share, level of competition or new trends in product development.

Another thing about E-commerce is that it is not limited by geographical distance, the business owners not only run their businesses in the place they base themselves on currently, but also control it anytime and anywhere. It helps to maximize the consumer’s choices and conversion rates as well. Furthermore, they can make the most of the platform's features like they can get customers’ data for customer insight research and promote their brand or build the relationship between the company and customers.

At PayCEC - an Ecommerce payment platform, we provide a merchant dashboard with numerous features that support online businesses to summarise sales performance in visual charts and graphs, estimate productivity via acceptance rate, chargeback rate or refund rate, etc. Furthermore, it provides e-commerce website payment methods which are useful and convenient for merchants, in doing online transactions.

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5. 24/7 Customer support without obstacles.

The business can set up the programs to serve their users anytime because people will keep browsing the internet like nonstop. However, besides some usual platforms such as mail, social media, phone call, etc, every E-commerce business should provide excellent customer service, enabling shoppers to be served whenever they ask for.

For instance, in the Southeast Asia or EU’s markets, many digital commercial organizations still can sell goods for all areas while their head offices are in specific different countries. One of their key factors to be successful in this field is a thing called global payment gateway. It helps them to do all the payment transactions from many countries with a system that accepts payments from different target customers, and involves ecommerce website payment methods.

Additionally, it’s good to make a deal with the customers anytime and anywhere, it maximizes the conversion rates. That’s exactly the expectation and goal of the e-commerce payment gateway like PayCEC. PayCEC is always here to support, to meet all the merchant’s expectations and requirements. It’s supposed to be the payment gateway solution for ecommerce business.

6. The payment gateway solutions for Ecommerce business.

When it comes to E-commerce business, the key factor that helps most online businesses can be maintained and grown up is the e-commerce payment gateway. One good online payment gateway is the one that makes the transactions be quick and safe. It not only saves time but also money for e-commerce businesses.

Nowadays, Instead of spending time and money on finding a good ecommerce payment platform, PayCEC will take turns to lead in this field, to cut down the time as much as possible for companies, but still ensure the online payment transactions will be made in the safest way. It allows accepting ecommerce payment methods which is way convenient for global merchants.

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