Payment gateway for website: How to set up a payment gateway on website and optimizing it?

Tuesday, 22 Jun, 2021

4.0 revolution age is now moving quicker and quicker, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic and maybe post-pandemic. The traditional retail industry changes itself into a better version to compete with many online stores. E-commerce has become more and more popular. Most of the transactions which are processed on payment gateway for website through online shopping are valuable information and they reflect consumer’s behavior.

Revolution of the world

Revolution of the world

Customer information security and payment are very important to an E-commerce platform because the information is easily accessible. That is the reason why the online store website needs to set up a payment gateway for website.

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What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateway for website is a tool which connects 3 parties: customers, merchants, and financial institutions. The front-end technology that reads payment cards and delivers client information to the merchant acquiring bank for processing is referred to as a payment gateway. The payment gateway is a critical component of any electronic payment card transaction.

Payment gateway for website

Payment gateway for website

In an e-commerce platform, a payment gateway plays an important role that verifies customer’s payment information and secures their transaction by tokenization. E-commerce owners need to add payment gateway to their website because most of the payment in e-commerce is online transactions.

Why is payment gateway important with e-commerce platforms?

Payment gateway is important


Payment gateway is important

Not only providing many functions for the website, but a payment gateway also gives the e-commerce platform a lot of value when the owners add payment gateway to website. So let’s find out why a payment gateway for website is so important for every e-commerce platform.

Necessary for online payment

The setup payment gateway for website is very necessary for online payment. The payment processor needs to be approved by a payment gateway. The only way to get revenue in an e-commerce platform is to get payment from consumer’s orders immediately before they change their mind. Consumers are careful in their online payment, a payment gateway for website can satisfy customer’s safe feelings in online payment.

Security payment for consumers

Payment information is the priority and privacy of each customer. Customers need to feel safe and secure whenever they process payment online. Especially international e-commerce platforms, they need an international payment gateway for website which can provide security through many countries around the world. A payment gateway can help consumers tokenize their payment transactions and keep their payment methods such as visa/master card numbers, ATM card numbers, e-Wallet,... in privacy.

Example: PayCEC is an international payment gateway for website which can integrate to an e-commerce platform to help online stores accept card payments. It provides many security functions like 3D security, Tokenization, PCI DSS which are built to protect consumer’s payment information.

The payment gateway for website make e-commerce professional

The E-commerce platform will be more professional if it integrates a payment gateway. E-commerce owners cannot ask customers to provide their payment information like the credit card number, bank account or force consumers to transfer money for payment. It causes risk for customers and e-commerce owners too.

One reason for a loyal and trustful customer in an e-commerce business is focusing on customer’s payment methods and information security. They demand high quality on the payment processor.

Example: International payment gateway for website PayCEC helps e-commerce platform approach more customers in the world. In addition, PayCEC has security for all payment processors of customers, and it allows e-commerces to customize their payment gateway in order to make it more consistent.

How to set up a payment gateway on website?

Setup payment gateway for website


Setup payment gateway for website

To setup payment gateway for website, e-commerce owners need to have an online shopping store of course. A convenient payment gateway requires a convenient setup process in order to make online shopping store owners easily approach customers and payment processors. Without time wasted, the convenient payment gateway for website should follow these structure:

  • Step 1: Registering an account payment gateway
  • Step 2: Integrating payment gateway to e-commerce
  • Step 3: Activating
  • Step 4: Accepting payment from customers

About the PayCEC payment gateway, you can easily integrate the payment gateway into your online shopping website. You can click here for more details

Functions of payment gateway

Functions of payment gateway


Functions of payment gateway

A payment gateway for website not only assists e-commerce websites in security control but also in account management. These are some basic functions that an e-commerce platform has when setup payment gateway for website:

Check out payment

By adding a payment gateway, e-commerce merchants will be able to provide various payment methods and currencies - which is suitable for global business e-commerce platforms.

Customer payment page

A payment gateway will allow the online store website to customize its payment page. For example, the e-commerce platform will have the full ability to customize the brand logo and color guideline in the payment checkout by using PayCEC.

Mobile and tablet payment page

The payment gateway must recognize that the world is changing and that the payment experience is evolving as well. Customers can pay for their orders using any device, including a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It provides customers with a more user-friendly payment processing system.

Account management

A Personal Account Manager is appointed to each merchant and is completely accountable for the e-commerce owner’s needs. Personal Account Manager is a software program that assists merchants in running their operations while also handling issues such as compliance, legislation, and card validity.

Risk management

Each e-commerce platform has to have its own risk management requirements, which are determined by the platform's business strategy. The payment gateway for website must have a powerful security system with a two-tier architecture to respond to all of the demands and issues faced by e-commerce firms. It simply checks for fraud automatically, while a specialized risk management staff keeps track of all transactions in real-time.

Real-time risk management

Payment gateways are always concerned with protecting the e-commerce ecosystem and its clients against fraudulent activities. Payment gateways that update in real-time can provide e-commerce owners with a perspective of their shifting risk exposures. Then They can take steps to solve the problem.

3D Secure transaction

3D Secure is an authenticated payment system designed to increase the security of online transactions and promote the growth of e-commerce payments. The 3-D Secure Cardholder Authentication Scheme is comprised of the Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX secure systems.


PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a collection of industry-mandated regulations that apply to any company that handles, processes, or holds branded credit cards from the main card schemes. Consumers and their data are protected by the PCI DSS whenever and whenever they make online payments.


Clearly, tokenization is created to encode card numbers, account numbers of consumers in their payment processor. All essentially sensitive consumer information would be replaced by a one-of-a-kind identification or token that could not be reversed mathematically.

Optimizing payment gateway for website

Optimizing Website payment


Optimizing Website payment

The setup payment gateway for website is easy. So how about optimizing it?

An international payment gateway for website needs to be consistent in the purchasing process and payment process. All themes of website, purchasing process, and check-out payment can use the same color guideline and brand logo. This will help customer’s experiences in purchasing and payment. It also helps e-commerce owners earn trust from customers.

Various payment methods also can help e-commerce platforms be more professional. Customers always want more and more choices for their payment because they always seek the most suitable way for them.

Shortening payment check-out not only can help customers make decisions faster in the payment process but also make customers feel easy in approaching payment.

Finally, to optimize the payment gateway for website, the gateway needs to improve itself in management for online store owners. Like PayCEC, we always keep on updating security and risk management to protect e-commerce websites and customers in real-time.

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