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Wednesday, 21 Jul, 2021

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Online payment gateways have never been easier for users around the world. It has gained popularity since the Internet’s rapid expansion. They are in charge of the security of a payment, sensitive transaction data, and processing it into a virtual station or an E-commerce website. Besides that, it is a tool that securely validates the customers' credit card information, ensuring funds are available for payment. The payment gateway notifies customers if the charge was approved by the cardholder's bank and submits their charges for settlement.

It sounds like selecting the payment gateway in the USA would be a great idea to make all payment transactions become more convenient. There are numerous payment gateway providers in the USA nowadays. Due to the rise of online payment needs, there's even a list of payment gateway in the USA such as Stripe, Paypal, PayCEC, etc. Let's go with PayCEC to learn more about the payment gateway and see what the benefits of using a payment gateway are.

1. What's a payment gateway? How does it work?

A payment gateway is a type of software that collects and transmits payment information from the customer to the acquiring bank. A payment gateway is what keeps the payments ecosystem running smoothly by allowing consumers and businesses to make online payments. You don't need to be a payment gateway expert if you're an online merchant, but it's worth learning the fundamentals of how an online payment transaction flows from your customer to your bank account.

The key factors which relate to online payments:

  • The merchant
  • The customers
  • The issuing bank
  • The acquiring bank

As the basic level of a common payment gateway, it does the following steps:

  • It connects to the merchant account. It gives the businesses one or more options for integrating online card processing with the merchant business account.
  • It keeps track of the payment information for each customer's transaction. The merchant sends their customers' information to the payment gateway using the gateway provider's tools. The gateway encrypts the payment information during transmission to ensure the security of the information.
  • It forwards that data to a payment processor or an acquiring bank. At this point, the acquiring bank takes over. It performs some fraud screenings before sending the transaction to the card networks.
  • It returns to the merchant the notification of approval or decline. The merchant sends a confirmation or rejection notification to their customers based on their yes or no response. They may request another form of payment from their customers.

The payment gateway acts as a go-between for the customer and the merchant, ensuring that the transaction is completed securely and quickly. An online payment gateway can make it easier for merchants to integrate the required software. The gateway manages the customer's sensitive card details between the acquirer and the merchant as a middleman during payment processing.

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What's a payment gateway ? How does it work?

Online payment gateway in the USA.

2. Online shopping behaviour and the need of the online payment gateway in the USA.

The shopping scene in the USA is characterized by the presence of globalization. Retailers can approach their customers right away with a single click, and customers can purchase goods/services at any time and from any location without leaving their home countries. Payment gateways are used by e-commerce platforms to make interactions with customers more efficient and simple. Today, most people buy everything they need from online shopping sites. Based on some research, it shows that more than half of US Internet users (62 percent) now shop online at least once a month. More than 83 percent are satisfied with their overall online shopping experiences.

As we mentioned above, there's even a list of payment gateway in the USA such as Stripe, Paypal, PayCEC, etc. They’re taken as the most popular payment gateway providers in the USA . Payment gateways are still in the early stages of development, and many mobile app ideas revolve around them after realizing their importance.

PayCEC offers redirect payment methods. Redirect payment methods enable merchants to process their online payments from clients via a customized check-out payment page. PayCEC ensures shopper security during the checkout process, preventing sensitive data from being leaked. We do not disclose payment information to vendors or any other third parties.

3. What can a payment gateway offer for American merchants and crossborder online shops?

What can a payment gateway offer for American merchants and crossborder online shops?

What offers does online payment gateway in the USA bring?

  • Convenience

Customers can shop and pay at any time and from any location. One of the most notable advantages of the online payment gateway platform is that it makes electronic payments much more convenient and simpler than ever before. Furthermore, there is no time constraint within the day as there is in physical stores.

  • Improved buying decisions

Purchases made on the spur of the moment account for roughly half of all e-commerce spending. The payment platform is included with the digital platform to encourage shoppers to buy more freely and without barriers. Customers can make final decisions without being constrained by time or location, as in physical stores; this is known as impulsive buying.

  • Developed customer base

The payment platform enables merchants to connect with anyone, which was previously impossible with physical establishments. At this point, it boosts the merchant business's sales as well as its overall performance/operation. Additionally, it broadens the customer base.

  • Payment verification

Merchants can easily manage their businesses because the data center sends payment confirmations to them every time a purchase is processed or completed. The merchants will then decide on the next steps.

  • Enhanced security

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of rules that any business must follow in order to process, store, and transmit cardholder information. It is regarded as the most important practice in creating a secure environment for various types of information in E-commerce. To protect and handle the shopper's data, online payment gateway providers in the usa , particularly e-commerce merchants, must ensure PCI DSS compliance.

  • Recurring billing

Payments are made with a single click, merchants' customers have multiple options for recurring payments, and there are more solutions to make payment processes more convenient and faster. It all depends on the shopper's requirements.

  • Integration

Payment gateway - it connects to merchant accounts. It gives them a number of options for integrating online card processing capabilities with the merchant business account. There are several distinguishing features that explain transaction types and encourage merchants to integrate a payment gateway into their websites.

  • Detection of fraud

Everything is related to the merchant and their shopper's information. Nowadays, most payment gateway providers perform a function that includes fraud screening rules that are highly flexible and can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of merchant businesses. This service assists merchants in automating and streamlining scam operations in order to maximize revenue.

  • Various payment methods are available.

As can be seen, most local payment gateway service providers now accept a variety of payment cards, including credit and debit cards. Aside from that, it depends on which country accepts Visa, such as Asians, while in the UK (Europe), they tend to accept Mastercards, or in North America, they will prefer AMEX and Mastercards.

Joining as many markets as possible, or with as many different merchants, increases the company's competitive ability while also preventing them from losing their own loyal customers. Merchants tend to approach more customers by offering multiple payment options, allowing them to have more positive shopping experiences.

For example, in the USA, there are add-on ones in the list of payment gateway in the USA such as Paypal, Worldpay, PayCEC, and others. They are supposed to be the most common online payment gateway in the USA.

4. List of payment gateway in the USA

When a company approaches a mobile app development company to create an app for their e-commerce business, they want to include a seamless payment gateway in their solution.

Let's take a look at some of the payment gateways in the United States that have found their ways as solutions to assist businesses:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • PayCEC
  • Authorize.Net
  • Amazon Pay
  • 2CheckOut
  • Paysimple
  • WePay
  • BlueSnap

List of payment gateway in the USA

Online payment gateway providers in the USA.

5. Post-pandemic stage: Merchants in USA

While the Covid has unexpectedly affected other industries, the E-commerce industry is different. Covid, it appears, changed everything, and it has caused a boom in this industry, particularly due to the Covid-19 crisis. Additionally, the economy has suffered as a result of the pandemic, it has also resulted in an increase in e-commerce and digital transformation. Numerous research studies have shown that the E-commerce or digital field, in particular, is improving across the region. We cannot deny the losses or damages caused by Covid, but when it comes to the benefits gained by those merchants as a result of the pandemic, there’s a big change completely. Online payment merchants in the USA have been working so hard to gain brand awareness after the pandemic and the wider markets. Making payment transactions becomes easier than ever and more convenient. Those merchants can now benefit from integrating those global payment gateways, accepting global cards. From this point, their own target customers are expanded as well.

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