What are the benefits of having a payment gateway?

Friday, 18 Jun, 2021

A payment gateway authorizes payments for merchants in all business categorizations. They ensure the security of a payment, sensitive information of the transaction and process it into a virtual station or an E-commerce website. They are taken as the key which links from the customers to the merchant and from the merchant to the payment processor through the use of encryption. It sounds like the benefits of online payment gateway are numerous? Let’s be with PayCEC to learn more about the payment gateway, and to see what payment gateway benefits are?

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1. What is a payment gateway ?

A payment gateway refers to the technology that connects merchants of all kinds, not only online merchants but also payment networks. As the basic level of the payment gateway, it does the following things:

  • It integrates with the merchant account. It provides the business one or more ways to integrate online card processing capabilities with the merchant business account.
  • It records the payment details for customer’s transactions. The merchant sends their shopper’s information to the payment gateway via tools of the gateway provider. To transmit the information in the safest ways, the gateway encrypts the payment information during transmission.
  • It routes that information to a payment processor or an acquiring bank. The acquiring bank takes over this point. It does some fraud screenings and then sends that transaction to the card networks.
  • It sends the notification of approval or decline message back to the merchant. The merchant directs to their shoppers a confirmation of rejectment notification, based on the yes or no of their response. They may ask their shoppers for another form of payment.

What are the payment gateway benefits?

What are the payment gateway benefits?

2. What are the payment gateway benefits ?

To figure out what benefits of payment gateway are?

To figure out what benefits of payment gateway are?


Shoppers can shop and make payments anytime and anywhere. One of the highlighted benefits of online payment gateway, makes electronic payments to be much more convenient and easier than ever. Additionally, there’s no time limited within the day as operating hours of physical stores.

Impulsive buying

Impulsive purchases represent approximately more than a half of all the money spent on e-commerce.The payment platform is provided with the digital platform to encourage shoppers purchasing freely more without barriers. The shoppers can make final decisions without the time or location limited as in with the physical stores, that's called impulsive buying.

Expanded customer base

The payment platform allows merchants to connect with everyone that sounds impossible with the physical establishments. At this point, it increases the merchant business’ sales and the overall performance/ operation. Furthermore, it even expands the customer base.

User experience

A payment platform which is crafted carefully, provides more than just a payment solution. It provides real-time user experience especially. By a click, a shopper can select their goods and add them to their carts. Besides that, they can even save them for later purchases with more considerations. And it somehow creates more user experiences for them. Furthermore, to save the engagement with the brand, the platform saves information securely for the next time purchasing so the merchants or shoppers don’t have to fill-out everytime.

Faster transaction

One of the big payment gateway benefits is that all the transactions are quicker and more convenient than the manual processing. It not only saves time but also brings conveniences for both merchants and their shoppers.

Payment confirmation

Merchants can easily control their businesses because everytime when the purchase has been processed or being completed, the data center will send back to merchants the payment confirmations. Then, merchants will decide the next actions.


Benefits of online payment gateway are variety. But there are also various platforms which comply well with PCI DSS security standards. It results in secure transactions, shopper’s trust in merchants and merchant’s intentions.

Full control

Another one of payment gateway benefits is that merchants can take full control over all the payment processes and the whole purchase data. It gives merchants the ability to react to those sudden changes or some problems may come up.

Recurring billing

Payments are made just by a click, merchant’s shoppers have more than one option of recurring payments and more solutions to make the payment processes more convenient and faster. It all depends on the shopper’s needs.

Mobile payments

Some payment platforms come with mobile payments, have a huge impact on the customer experience and merchant’s conversion.

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