Can I accept Crypto as payment?

15 Feb 2022 By PAYCEC

Crypto currencies are emerging as new types of digital assets. And now, with the development of crypto markets and digital payment technology, many people can send and receive crypto transfers from peer to peer. Senders and buyers need to open a crypto e-wallet to store these coins and send crypto to another wallet as payment methods. Thanks to blockchain technology, merchants have more opportunities to accept online payments from shoppers with crypto payment gateway like PayCEC and reduce cart abandonment when your customers prefer crypto currency check out.

PayCEC payment gateway API is easy to set up on various open sources like Wordpress, OpenCart or WHMCS, etc. After successful integration, your online customers will be redirected to PayCEC checkout page to complete the cart. There are different payment options at checkout stage, depending on the demand of customers, they can choose to pay with cryptocurrency.

The huge number of users having crypto e-wallets proves that online shops that accept cryptocurrency benefit a lot in sales and revenue when it comes to online business. Here are some advantages of cryptocurrency payments that you may be impressed with.

  • Unlimited- Look for ways to broaden your customer base by offering more payment options.
  • Implementing the new technology will be simple once businesses understand the benefits of using cryptocurrency in B2B payments.
  • Instant cryptocurrency-to-fiat conversion. The fastest and safest way to exchange cryptocurrencies, with the lowest market rate and no volatility risk.
  • Transactions that are lightning fast. Benefits from faster, global transactions that are not possible with traditional bank transfer payments.
  • Saving money on transaction fees.

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