Millennial Money - Living with million-dollar thanks to online business in USA

Thursday, 14 Oct, 2021

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Can young people make millions of dollars is the question that many people still sceptical about the possibility of Millennial or even Centennial generation. Today, the concept of tech millionaires in the US is too familiar in public, and we can agree that the young can get rich earlier than their parents. How can they make a breakthrough in human history? It is obvious that they take advantage of online business in USA and social media communication. The article will help you go deeper to understand some best online business ideas in USA and recommend solutions to catch up with the new propensity.

Millennial Money - Living with million-dollar thanks to online business in USA

Millennial Money - Living with million-dollar thanks to online business in USA

1. Lifestyle of the young generation & online business ideas USA

Nowadays, the idea of making million dollars doesn't need people to spend a lifetime to build wealth. Many young Americans are living an abundant life and lead a hightech style in their business. However, these young millennials still enjoy every moment of their work and normal days. The reason for this modern happiness is that these people work on their hobbies, strengths and interests. When you truthly listen to your heart, success will follow your efforts.

1.1. Some case studies

Los Angeles, CA

There are many millionaires living in Los Angeles, California who are making about $1.6 million a year in training video production and real estate investment. Clients need to pay for a course to learn knowledge in terms of finance and investment. Beside that, they always pamper their hobbies with traveling and discovering new things in other places namely Las Vegas, Nevada. After having relaxing time at other locations, these excellent people decided to purchase properties and designed them in a very unique modern style.

best online business in usa

Many millionaires living in Los Angeles, California who are making about $1.6 million a year

Houston, TX

Some nourish a dream of raising a private safari park in Houston, Texas. In their private zoos, there are a huge number of different wild species like giraffes, ostriches, llamas, horses and more. These people own thousands of acres of land. They enjoy the way their company works in the area of their owned land. The natures of these companies are related to digital marketing. They run business online and provide digital marketing solutions for their clients in the real estate industry, nail service and other types of business in the community. Thanks to that, these animal lovers can make use of their limited time to manage companies and take care of the lovely flora and fauna.

online business ideas usa

Some nourish a dream of raising a private safari park in Houston, Texas

Manhattan, NYC

Other young money makers love gym and fitness, and you probably can guess their business model - fitness wear. Doing exercise nowadays has become the most popular activity and is the favourite of the vast majority. Love what you do and do what you love is the subject that inspired those young ambitious entrepreneurs to open fitness wear brands and sell products on their website. Apart from gymnastics, they also fell in love with IT, and with the solid background of information technology, the millennial millionaires have made a breakthrough in e-commerce. Additionally, with a huge love for workout, the dynamic business men and women also offer online training courses for trainees across the US practice online.

best online business ideas in usa

Enterprises sell fitness wears and fitness training courses online

1.2. Share the common points

  • Do what they love
  • Work with passion
  • Work life balance
  • Invest in finance and properties
  • Be famous youtubers with more than 100k subscribers on their channels
  • Have at least an online business in USA
  • Have their own websites and accept online payments from customers

2. Best online business ideas in USA

In the time of advanced technology, the number of millionaires is escalating compellingly. Making millions of money has no longer carried the old mindset of time consumption. You do not need to accumulate your wealth for a long time to be rich, now the younger generation creates massive amounts of income in their youth with online business in USA.

2.1. Traditional models turn to online business ideas USA

Real estate

For all time, real estate has proved its value in human societies. Whatever the world changes, human beings still need a house for living, private spaces for different purposes. In the past, people sold real estate via personal networks, housing brokers or housing deposit agencies. The housing market in the US saw a dramatic acceleration in the last 5 years, leading to more opportunities for investors and agencies to meet the demands.

One of the best online business ideas in USA is running a property exchange market place where sellers and buyers can connect to close the best deal regarding houses and lands. To start this online business in USA, you need to do research carefully about state law and other relevant regulations in e-commerce and property rules in America. Then setting up a website is a must, and it is necessary to have a clear digital marketing strategy to connect buyers and sellers into your platform. There is an indispensable ingredient in the business model that you cannot miss - an online payment gateway. By integrating PayCEC payment gateway into your platform, clients can process to checkout seamlessly and pay in various payment methods, and the deals are closed in seconds.

Fitness and Yoga

If you are a person who pursues a healthy lifestyle, gym and yoga accessories can help you earn money. Like any conventional fitness center model, you can start the best online business in USA by opening a fitness center in your area. To make the most profit, many enterprises sell fitness products like sports equipment, fitness wear, coffee and juices, and supplements. As a body lover, you can spread this vibe to other people and together we can build our good shapes and public immune system via online training courses and sharing your website via social media. Last but not the least, you still need a professional website which is integrated with an online payment gateway to enable e-commerce and online payments.

Cryptocurrency training

Bitcoin has emerged in recent years and its valuation is worth 56,650.00 USD in October 2021. Beside being a crypto currency investor, many American choose to become an online trainor when it comes to crypto currency investment and trading. Of course it is not easy to join the game due to the risk of volatility and lack of market understanding, leading to the demand of learning before taking part in the new industry. Not only can you earn education tuition fees from learners, you can also be an introducer or affiliate for trading brokers to have passive income from referrals. Being a reputable online training provider, you need to have a trustworthy website and frictionless payment gateway to accept payments around the world. With full equipment, you can make millions of dollars with the best online business in USA.

Digital marketing agency

Another propensity when it comes to online business in USA is digital marketing agency service. In this business model, you are unlimited to access diverse clients industries. Most companies spend budgets on marketing to grow sales and digital marketing seems to be the most effective way to approach sales targets. Now you can see how wide the market is in terms of digital marketing demand. Your clients can come from all sectors and around the globe, not only the domestic market. The potential of the digital marketing industry can help millennials succeed with millions of dollars income and their startups can scale sustainably. But in the ocean of service providers, which feature makes your company stand out of other options?

Firstly, It should come from your best quality of service, treasure every single client and then you can build your network from time to time. Secondly, the presence on review forums is very essential. In B2B business, clients usually do research carefully before making a decision, and your company logo should exist on many well known rating websites. Thirdly, the intuitive website interface also plays an important role in your business success. As long as the clients see a professional look through your website, reliable content and images, they would take further steps of contact and interaction. Last but not least, the payment process should be seamless, secure and offer multiple currencies as well as payment options.

3. Establish an official Youtube channel for online business in USA

Talking about digital marketing, we can differentiate the 2 domains: paid ads traffic and organic traffic. Most businesses want to burn the stage to reduce paid advertising budget as soon as possible, but organic approach needs time to grow. The better quality of your content, the more effective organic outcome you will gain. Due to the fact that Youtube is also an organic traffic channel, we need to invest in more creative content and trends to attract audiences.

3.1. Why should we have a Youtube channel?

  • The number of Youtube users worldwide increased significantly from 1.35 billions in 2016 to 1.86 billions in 2021.

Number of YouTube users worldwide from 2016 to 2021(in billions)

Number of YouTube users worldwide from 2016 to 2021(in billions)


  • Youtube stood at the second highest position in the chart of the most popular social networks worldwide in July 2021, with the number of active users of 2,291 millions users.

Most popular social networks worldwide in July 2021, ranked by number of active users

Most popular social networks worldwide in July 2021, ranked by number of active users (in millions)


  • YouTube creators who are a part of the Partner Program can monetise their videos by placing advertisements on them or Google-placed ads. The amount of money that a Youtube creator can earn depends on the number of subscribers and viewers.
How much money YouTubers make per 1,000 views? How much money YouTubers make for 100,000 views? How much money YouTubers make for 1 million views?
YouTube takes 45% and the creator gets the rest Depending on its watch time, length, and video type, among other factors Depending on a variety of factors, a creator can get a big payday
Some examples
  • Finance YouTuber Nate O'Brien made $444,000 in revenue from YouTube ads in a year with about 1 million subscribers.
  • Nano influencer Jen Lauren, who had 1,900 YouTube subscribers earned $195 in a recent month.

When it comes to viral videos, how much creators would make on videos with 1 million views ranges from about $3,400 to $40,000, depending on the type of content and viewer demographics.


  • Audiences know your brand thanks to your Youtube viral videos and visit your website for learning products and services. This is a perfect way for raising brand awareness and selling.
  • With your real presence on Youtube, audiences can see the real human of your brand and this enhances trust for your business.

3.2. Can we sell products and services directly on Youtube?

To answer this question, we would say YES, you can! By uploading video, sharing experience and knowledge, sometimes you can add a few moments in the content for calling to action. A good example for that is encouraging subscribers to order products or services with the link in the description section. Selling things via Youtube is no longer a new trend, but it became one of the best online business ideas in USA.

All you need to do is to build a production team who will create valuable EDUTAINMENT content. Audiences learn from the way they entertain, therefore, jumping on the bandwagon helps us construct a prestige channel. Moreover, video description cannot be careless. We should invest in content writing at the description section and include website links.

Can we sell products and services directly on Youtube?

Can we sell products and services directly on Youtube?

4. Payment gateway for online business in USA

Online business operation means you run business on a large scale, especially in the US, you can connect to customers from state to state. However, this is just an iceberg, because you can reach more than that with e-commerce and the widespread use of social media. How can we sell products and services to the mass market on a global scale? The solution for that is the international payment gateway.

At PayCEC, we are proud of our full ability to help online business in USA accept payment online with various options from credit cards to ewallet or crypto currencies to bank transfers. Your website won’t need to adapt to security compliance when it comes to e-commerce when integrating our platform into it. PayCEC complies with PCI DSS compliance, we implement 3D Secure and Tokenization in our system to enable fraud detection and prevention.

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