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Wednesday, 19 May, 2021

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Payment industry has been rising strongly, especially in this age of technology. Saving the time and protecting customer data is PayCEC's first priority. Are you looking for a payment gateway for international payments? A payment platform for websites? A low cost of payment gateway? Can I use one payment gateway for multiple websites at once? How to integrate payment gateway on website?

Knowing and understanding your considerable concerns, PayCEC - the payment gateway provider is here to solve all of it. Therefore, what do we have that makes us different from the others?

One payment gateway for multiple websites in global E-commerce

One payment gateway for multiple websites in global E-commerce

1. Save Time as one payment gateway for multiple websites.

Nowadays, finding a good payment gateway service provider has been a persistent problem for most companies, cause it involves lots of tasks such as: time consuming, price bidding, contract signing, etc. Therefore, PayCEC is here to serve you the best option: one payment gateway for multiple websites. It is considered to be the quickest way that saves not only time but also money for companies. Instead of spending time and money on finding a good payment gateway provider, PayCEC will take turns to lead in this field, to cut down the time as much as possible for companies, but still ensure the online payment transactions will be made in the safest way.

2. Accept multiple payment cards

As we can see, most local payment gateway providers nowadays accept many kinds of payment cards such as credit and debit cards. Besides that, it depends on which country that they will accept Visa like Asians use it mostly while as in Europe, they tend to accept Mastercards, or like in North America, they will prefer AMEX and Mastercards.

Therefore, the thing is that using one international payment gateway is supposed to be the best way to accept payments of online users , to join in many markets, or with many different shoppers. It raises the company’s competitive ability as well as avoid losing their own loyal customers.

3. Account management platform

Managing all internal accounts under one main user is now way convenient, easier to compare, manage proceeds and predict the latest trends of the market in general. PayCEC’s CRM is truly convenient, smart, intuitive and friendly. It integrates all internal accounts which are controlled under one main user account, additionally, many people within a team can join and interact with each other at once, while it only requires one payment gateway for multiple websites.

Furthermore, users can run businesses together through PayCEC payment gateway and manage them as well, it only requires access to one merchant account on any kind of devices which connects to the Internet, then can make any payment.

4. Mobile and tablet payment interface

PayCEC knows and understands that nowadays the online Payment gateway has been changing due to this age of technology, usually the way that users pay, relies on which device they use, to make online payment transactions. Users can have experiences of using merchant platforms on PCs, tablets and other devices, which is not only convenient but also important to all the payments they tend to make.

Having a consistent and smart interface of the online payment gateway, might bring the feelings of reliability and friendliness for all businesses and their customers to make online payments. It’s supposed to be the crucial element at this stage for this . Additionally, the content is well-prepared and full-filled, which will be another big bonus point of PayCEC.

5. Currencies Support

The difference in currencies is always a big issue for merchants especially. Understanding about that problem, PayCEC provides and supports major global currencies like EUR/USD/GBP/SGD/AUD/NZD/JPY/HKD.Those ones would be an ideal choice for merchants to acquire card payments.

6. Risk management

At PayCEC, security protection is our responsibility, protecting customer’s data is one of our top priorities. To manage the merchant platform as well as to satisfy their demands and go through their challenges when accepting card payments, PayCEC employs a powerful two-tier system of protection that automatically checks for scams while a dedicated risk management team monitors all your transactions in real time. It avoids high risks of online transactions as well.

Our fraud screening rules are highly flexible and can be fine-tuned according to your business requirements. This service helps merchants to automate and streamline scams operations to help maximize revenue. PayCEC performs rigorous fraud checks on each transaction. Our prevailing fraud protection technology always tries to keep updating the latest market’s fraud trend as well.

Additionally, PayCEC applies complex online fraud prevention rules and stores encrypted customer data in a highly secure environment.

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PayCEC was established in response to the growing need of businesses to accept online payments more quickly and easily. In the new digital era, our payment flow has evolved to work seamlessly and effectively across all platforms and devices. We pride ourselves on combining superior technology with first-class customer service.

PayCEC is a truly global payments platform that not only allows customers to get paid instantly and securely, but also withdraws funds to their business accounts in various currencies.

We have created an opened and secured payments ecosystem that entrepreneurs and businesses choose to securely transact with each other online and on mobile devices. We proudly maintain the highest level of client advocacy in the industry.

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