What are the types of tech support?

14 Sep 2022 By PAYCEC

Technical support is often organized into tiers based on the difficulty level of the issues that technicians have to handle. That said, here are 6 types of technical support by level:


At this level, your business doesn’t need help from a technical support specialist. It's a form of self-service performed by customers or employees. That is, if a problem comes up, it can be resolved entirely by the user, usually through common tech knowledge, or a quick Internet browse.

Tier 0

Tier 0 also relies on self-help, but unlike pre-support, the solutions are drawn from your company's own resources, such as FAQs, detailed product information, blogs, search functions, and user forums.

This level of support is provided by in-house technical support, usually in collaboration with marketing and development teams, and is usually updated on a regular basis or maintained by a moderator.

Tier 1

This is where the actual tech support comes in. This tier involves basic help from lower-level technical personnel to troubleshoot usage issues such as log-ins, website navigation, set-up, etc., which only requires a basic understanding of the company's products and services.

Tier 2

When problems cannot be mitigated in pre-support, Tier 0, or Tier 1, they are Tier 2, where tech support specialists with in-depth knowledge are ready to help.

Technicians will review the Tier 1 request, assessing the validity of the issue and previously taken steps before finding a different solution using more sophisticated methods.

Tier 3

When Tier 2 can not address an issue, it is escalated to Tier 3, which takes most skilled technical specialists.

This tier frequently includes the creators, chief architects, developers, or engineers who created your service to identify the source of complex issues.

Then, tier 3 technicians duplicate problems, define root causes, and decide how to fix them using product design, code, or specifications. Once a solution proves effective, it is documented as a reference for lower-tier tech support.

Tier 4

Tier 4 support refers to support outside your technical team. It refers to tech support companies with technology to help you expand your business. For example, PayCEC offers merchant accounts to accept credit and debit cards from buyers worldwide to increase the competitive advantages of your business, and skyrocket your sales.

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