What are the risks of Open Banking?

22 Apr 2022 By PAYCEC

Compliance officers and teams at financial institutions should be concerned that Open Banking may render their existing AML/CTF and KYC compliance processes ineffective.

An ecosystem of third-party suppliers is forming around Open Banking (TPPs).

These organizations use any way to access data or transactional functions from regulated Open Banking APIs to unmonitored screen scraping to interact with FIs' systems.

Customers can take advantage of additional services like personal budgeting and expenditure notifications, as well as personal cash transfers and cryptocurrency wallets.

TPPs can hinder a FI's visibility into how funds flow in and out of its systems, as well as via the ecosystem, according to AML specialists.

Traditionally, AML compliance has not concentrated on monitoring this type of network.

AML/CTF compliance systems should be assessed to see if they can handle the unique dangers that Open Banking poses.

When reviewing AML/CTF compliance processes for Open Banking, compliance managers should consider the following eight risks:

  1. Widespread scraping of customer data from computer screens
  2. More AML issues arise as markets become more disordered.
  3. When API technology fails, AML plans are required.
  4. Greater vulnerability to crypto-threats
  5. Ecosystems need to be vetted on a regular basis.
  6. Requiring FIs to use APIs exposes them to danger.
  7. AML transaction monitoring at the ecosystem level may be required.
  8. Getting to know your partner (KYP) saves time, effort, and expands the reach of your program.

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