What are the perks of an American Express (Amex) Black Card?

07 Mar 2023 By PAYCEC

If you've been using a credit card, you probably already understand some of the benefits of a standard card tier. However, owning an Amex Black Card will bring you premium privileges that regular credit cards do not have. So what are the peaks of an American Express Black Card?

  • You can enjoy the privileges of top hotels with loyalty or customer appreciation programs. You can benefit from affordable prices, room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, resort, and spa credits, free lodging, meals, and beverages.
  • Get access to premium airport lounges and enjoy complimentary service here. In addition, incentives when buying air tickets and other benefits from airlines that are partners with the bank.
  • Receive payment discounts when transacting with the bank's partners.
  • Shopping and service incentives: enjoy promotional vouchers from major brands.
  • You will receive many types of insurance, such as global travel insurance for cardholders and their loved ones, baggage loss insurance, flight insurance, etc.
  • You'll receive discounted transaction fees.
  • Stand out from the crowd even more with distinctive card designs, such as a wearable card created by Prada.
  • Different hotel statuses increased earnings on stays, late checkout, and other benefits available to Marriott Bonvoy Gold and IHG Platinum members.
  • Airport Lounge Access: With the growth of the Centurion Lounge network (and the well-known overcrowding issues), skipping the line could save hours and improve the efficiency of layovers. Additionally, Centurion card holders have access to a specific area in the lounge.
  • American Express concierge: Concierge services are available on many cards, but Centurion cardholders receive concierge service that is a cut above the rest. The concierge staff at this level will take care of everything, from spending hours looking for a hard-to-find Christmas present to organizing an evacuation during a volcanic eruption. You might be able to ask a Centurion concierge to get or do it for you if it's legal.

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