What do 10,000 American Express (Amex) points get you?

07 Mar 2023 By PAYCEC

If you're new to reward points or thinking about getting your first American Express card, you may wonder how much 10,000 AMEX membership reward points are worth and what you can get in exchange. It's because new American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card holders receive 10,000 Amex points as a welcome bonus when they spend £3,000 in their first three months of use.

Due to its welcome bonus and travel benefits, this is a well-liked first Amex card. However, as we recently pointed out, if you're only interested in the welcome bonus or unsure you'll spend £3,000 in three months, you might also want to try the Amex Nectar Credit Card. Here, we'll explain how 10,000 Amex points can be worth more than £100.

The value of these points is entirely dependent on how you use them. You can transfer them to a travel loyalty program like Hilton Hotels or British Airways Executive Club and use them to redeem reward flights, or stays will typically result in the best value. Here are a few illustrations of what you can accomplish with 10,000 Amex points.


One of the most well-known points programs in the UK is Avios, and BA Executive Club even has a helpful calculator to determine the price of reward flights. Reward-saver seats have a fixed cost for wherever you visit. It's possible to get a lot of value out of 10,000 Avios points if you can reserve a reward-saver seat on a high-demand route.


Hotel partners use dynamic point pricing, not fixed. In other words, it is generally impossible to increase the value significantly.

For example, 10,000 Amex points at Hilton will give you 20,000 Hilton points (1:2 conversion rate) and a standard room of around 7070. But there may be an option in the 5050-100 range; for example, Hampton by Hilton at Bristol Airport will cost 9595 or 7,500 AMEX/15,000 Hilton on May 19. It's almost twice the average, so it's worth looking at the price. On the same night, you can spend a night at Hilton Hyde Park (18,000 Amex/36,000 Hilton).

Shopping and Subscriptions

These will always be the simplest but least valuable redemption options if you use Amex points because they have a standard set credit value. Get the most out of your points if you want to. When used for shopping, gift cards, or statement credits, 10,000 Amex points are worth a minimum of £45 (0.45p per point).

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