How much does it cost to integrate a payment gateway?

15 Feb 2022 By PAYCEC

It is FREE to integrate PayCEC payment gateway into your company websites. Whether your online store is developed on Woocommerce, OpenCart, WHMCS or others, you can set up an online payment gateway with Zero cost of integrating payment gateway. Although you may find some other service providers charge you the cost of integrating payment gateway, don’t worry, PayCEC is here to support you FREE.

In addition, when starting to accept online payments with PayCEC, you are able to enjoy a simple fees & charges structure as below details:

Transaction fees

These fees are incurred when a merchant client receives an electronic payment from the customer. Transaction fees, normally called processing fees, are a total of a fixed amount of charge which was determined by the payment service provider and a percentage of the total purchase price value. Processing fees vary depending on different service providers.

Example: Transaction fee = € 0.35 + 3.4% (purchase value)

Sometimes, these fees are defined as Transaction Discounting Rates. When a customer's transfer goes via the service, the provider deducts a percentage-based or fixed fee (or both) before disturbing the money to the merchant.

If your company runs a unique type of business with large amounts of payment or pay in bulk, you should consider contacting the service providers to get a customizable quotation.

Account Management fee

Account Management fee is usually called Maintenance and support cost. For technical support and account maintenance, these fees may be charged to merchants annually or monthly, depending on service providers.

Currency exchange fees

Payment gateways will charge an extra for transactions requiring currency conversions (usually paid by users). If currency conversion is needed, an additional fee will be charged for the service.

Chargeback Protection fees

A chargeback fee is a cost charged by acquiring banks to merchants in order to punish them for processing an unauthorized transaction. A credit card chargeback occurs when a customer (cardholder) rejects a credit card charge and wishes to cancel the sale.

For more information about the cost of integrating payment gateway, you can contact the PayCEC team to update the latest pricing details.

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