Find Ways To Develop Your Online Store By Co-marketing With International Credit Card Payment Providers

Saturday, 15 Jan, 2022

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Many enterprises think that it is obvious to integrate credit card payment in website when running an online store. But have you ever thought about shooting 2 birds with one stone? credit card payment providers can help your businesses more than acquiring online payments. The article points out some tips and opinions that can inspire many coffee shops, restaurants, retailers and service providers from all shapes and sizes. Read more!

Find ways to develop your online store by co-marketing with international credit card payment providers.

Find ways to develop your online store by co-marketing with international credit card payment providers.

1. The idea of connection between partners in online business

More and more companies build store online

More and more companies build store online

Ecommerce nowadays had stood on a new solid ground before the pandemic came. The widespread of Covid-19 has turned global consumer’s behaviours to another direction and reinforced for people who strongly believe in the potential of online business.

The propensity triggered booming trends of digitalisation of a massive number of firms across the globe. The more enterprises join the ecommerce market, the more severely competitive the game is. If your business is a newcomer, you may market with a strategic approach to cope with experiencing competitors.

Enhance trust with credit card payment providers

Enhance trust with credit card payment providers

Creating a new partnership with international credit card payment providers can bring you a huge chance in business. This idea originated from the co-marketing principle. The young brand can leverage a mature one to grow their brand awareness. When it comes to online business, it is possible to partner with another company to develop clients' rapport. On the one hand, the cooperation helps young companies, especially startups and SMEs, leverage mutual client networks to boost revenue. On the other hand, a trusted and transparent online payment process is one of the key selling points for online retailers to maintain customer loyalty.

2. Benefits on every step you take

Sell and Accept orders online

2.1. Sell and Accept orders online

Needless to say, global credit card payment platforms enable your online store to work with a full selling process, from displacing goods and services to picking up items, viewing the cart and checkout online. Apart from the pandemic, another issue that restricts the exchange between buyers and sellers is geographical gap regarding global trade. Your online store is able to accept orders from international customers around the world in multi currency, but you withdraw your funds in most popular currencies namely USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, etc. depending on your preference.

Sell and Accept orders online

Send emails with payment link

2.2. Send emails with payment link

Some specific business models apply a selling process which is different from typical e-commerce. While the majority of ecommerce firms build their online store with a shopping cart, so that users can easily pick up items and pay, other companies provide services or products in advance and send bills after completing the transaction.

In these cases, billing emails are the optimum choices for your business. Credit card payment platforms offer merchants a payment link exporting feature. By sending billing emails to your clients and requesting payments, you can collect money when clients check the billing emails and click on the payment link to complete the transaction.

Send emails with payment link

Grow digital brand

2.3. Grow digital brand

International credit card payment providers are organisations that possess good reputations in the industry. Nowadays, almost all credit card payment platforms are having a long time digital presence. It means that their communication channels are followed with a huge number of audiences or their websites perform excellently in SEO and backlinks systems.

Imagine an announcement about the partnership with international credit card payment providers, your company name will have a chance to reach potential customers on mass media, from social media to google news and other well known business news, popular online news, etc.It is a great perk compared to other business partnership for young online companies, startups and SMEs.

Grow digital brand

Seek advice from experts in sales and marketing predictions

2.4. Seek advice from experts in sales and marketing predictions

The pace of working at many credit card payment providers is very fast and professional. Clients can connect with them anytime and anywhere via digital communication channels. The payment experts work around the clock to support online retailers in data reports and trends. Based on the statistics of real transactions and payments, online stores can evaluate the efficiency of their product range and invest more in key products to maximize profits.

In terms of marketing strategy, ecommerce enterprises have more chances to update market trends, recent marketing tactics, and digital landscape in order to match their business plan. Stay up to date with regulatory updates in your country that could affect the way you run your company.

Seek advice from experts in sales and marketing predictions

3. What types of business that suit the idea?

3.1 Food & Beverage

Taking lessons from the lockdowns, many coffee shops, restaurants, takeaway stores or even food trucks are adapting their delivery service to serve customers better in food and beverage demands. Post covid, people get a chance to commute from place to place, however the habits of ordering food and drink are still dominant in consumer’s behaviours. F&B companies can mix the 2 business models into one to optimize sales. While the number of in-store customers is still restricted by the government, some consumers prefer to enjoy meals at home or drink coffee right at the workstation, resulting in a massive opportunity for merchants to serve that demand. Little things can make a great result. By accepting credit/debit card payment online, your stores open a variety of online orders, collecting money easily via online website or mobile app with trusted credit card payment platforms. By credit card payment integration, your store will wear a new cloth in the eyes of customers as a modern coffee shop or restaurant. Because consumers love digital trends, therefore any industry should prepare for a new digital presence, even the F&B field.

Food and Beverage companies integrate credit card payment in websites to meet online consumers demands.

Food and Beverage companies integrate credit card payment in websites to meet online consumers demands.

3.2. Retail

You're undoubtedly transforming your business, whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or an ecommerce site (or both). There are more and more retailers moving their business models into the Omni channel.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

The purpose of omnichannel marketing is to integrate and collaborate numerous channels that businesses use to communicate with customers in order to create a consistent brand experience. This encompasses both physical (e.g. stores) and digital (e.g. websites). The purpose of an omnichannel marketing strategy is to provide consumers with a pleasant, seamless user experience that includes a variety of fulfillment options. An omnichannel approach may allow customers to shop online, in-store, or a combination of the two, such as "buy online, pick up in-store." Organizations across a variety of industries, including retail and others, are now using omnichannel strategies.

Modern consumers have more options than ever before because of online media, and they expect real-time information. Customers benefit from omnichannel marketing because it allows them to interact with brands on their own terms, resulting in a better overall customer experience.

It is necessary to collaborate with credit card payment providers in Omni channel projects. Retailers should implement a branded checkout system to streamline the buying process, facilitating seamless customer experience in the online environment. The more payment options your store offers to consumers, the less cart abandonment rate is. As a result, if a payment service provider can provide more solutions than only card payment, you should partner with this firm. There are many buyers who prefer to pay with crypto currency, namely bitcoin, or they want to make a bank transfer rather than credit card due to the exceeding limit.

There are more and more retailers moving their business models into the Omni channel.

There are more and more retailers moving their business models into the Omni channel.

3.3. Services

Service industry is very diverse in terms of sectors and models. Some services are related to in-person interaction, others produce values via the internet and virtual platforms. Though all of the services have different approaches, we can promote marketing campaigns with the ideas of gift cards, memberships or redeem points.

While gift cards can stimulate buying power, membership and reward points tighten bonds with customers, build up loyalty. Beside launching these programs at physical points of sales, it is more effective to deliver promotion packages on websites, social media and mobile app channels. To make it easy for your clients, your companies should offer online payment transactions. Consumers are so busy in the modern world and they have no time to travel to your brick-and-mortar store. Why do we discourage our valued customers from buying your services? The solution to tackle this problem is credit card payment platforms.

To make it easy for your clients, service companies should offer online payment transactions.

To make it easy for your clients, service companies should offer online payment transactions.

Managing subscriptions

Another aspect of service business is managing subscriptions. Credit card payment providers offer recurring payment for enterprises to automatically collect ongoing payments. Recurring payment is a payment model where the customers authorize the merchant to pull funds from their accounts automatically at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them on an ongoing basis.

What types of recurring payments are there?

Fixed and variable payments are the two forms of recurring payments. A customer is charged the same amount every time they make a fixed recurring payment, such as a magazine subscription or gym membership.

Credit card payment providers offer recurring payment

Credit card payment providers offer recurring payment for enterprises to automatically collect ongoing payments.

4. Get set up - Credit card payment integration

How to integrate Credit card payment into the website?

You can easily set up a merchant account by following steps below.

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How to integrate credit card payment in website?

With API open source developed for non tech-savvy people, every online business can set up credit card payment platforms easily. Steps to do are super simple. You just need to download the API on PayCEC websites and follow the guides of credit card payment integration.

5. Learn from competitors and your peers

The last point in this topic is that doing business is really challenging, but we can mitigate any risk and pay less prices by learning from competitors and listening to recommendations from experts. Following your peers in other organizations helps you keep updated with things that are happening in the industry. Sometimes, small firms and startups may take advantage of activities of other big companies and competitors to learn about customer behaviours, reducing market research cost. In many well finance based companies, market study is executed professionally or outsourced by other firms, and the decisions are made based on real data. SMEs do not need to invest in general analysis, all you need to do is just reevaluate your product segmentation and brand positioning to choose what should be followed.

Learn from competitors and your peers

Learn from competitors and your peers

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