PayCEC unveils brand mascot, Ray the Rabbit

Tuesday, 13 Jul, 2021

PayCEC is pleased to announce that we have officially launched the brand mascot on our digital channels since July 01, 2021. The mascot will appear in various forms. It will become part of the company’s identity, and help to shape how PayCEC is perceived by the public. 

PayCEC - the best international payment gateway.

PayCEC - the best international payment gateway.

Expressing his excitement on the launch of the mascot, Mr. Jimmy, the CEO of PayCEC, shared that "Today, we officially unveil our brand mascot, named Ray. We have focused on conceptualizing and building an iconic character representing the PayCEC brand, in order to create a strong impression with a cute and friendly image of the rabbit combined with high tech and modern robot model concept. It is a cheerful way to engage our online merchants, and increase potential customers' attention to the PayCEC Payment Gateway, and we hope we will spark excitement to our merchants".

We believe that launching this mascot helps PayCEC achieve brand recognition. The Ray mascot has the main color of white and pink, combined with dark colors to create harmony and an attractive impression. The bright shade of pink isn't only eye-catching to stand out against competition, but there’s a playful and energetic connotation which represents the energy and professionalism we put into our ‘better, faster, and happier’ serving spirit.

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PayCEC virtual payment gateway was established in response to the growing need of businesses to accept online payments more quickly and easily. In the digital era, our payment flow has evolved to work seamlessly and effectively across all platforms and devices. We pride ourselves on combining superior technology with first-class customer service.

PayCEC virtual payment gateway is a truly global payments platform that not only allows customers to get paid instantly and securely, but also withdraws funds to their business accounts in various currencies.

We have created an open and secure payments ecosystem that entrepreneurs and businesses choose to securely transact with each other online and on any device. We proudly maintain the highest level of client advocacy in the industry

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