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Friday, 09 Jul, 2021

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The payment industry has been rapidly expanding, particularly in this technological age. Due to the payment needs around the world, those e-commerce merchant accounts internationally rely on payment gateways, they are being set to meet shopper’s expectations. Nowadays, selecting the trustful payment gateway seems like one of the first merchants’ priorities. To select one good payment gateway that provides solutions for merchant accounts such as acceptance of debit/credit cards, dependability of fees and charges, 1-year contract requirement, etc. is painful. Apparently, it’s taken as a complicated task for those start-up businesses who are seeking support or setting up a merchant account for e-commerce at this stage, while their resources and technical expertise don’t ensure the standards yet.

PayCEC, the payment gateway provider, is aware of and understands those e-commerce merchant accounts international concerns, and is here to address them all. As a result, what distinguishes us from the competition? There are e-commerce merchant account’s solutions in setting up a merchant account for e-commerce when kicking off new online businesses.

E-commerce merchant account solutions.

E-commerce merchant account solutions.

Whether you make online payments, offline ones or over any devices, the thing is you need to find the payment gateway that accepts all types of payment. Finding one most trustful payment gateway is essential, so what the e-commerce merchant account solutions are ? And how does it help businesses ?

E-commerce merchant account solutions

Acceptance of debit and credit card payments

When a merchant sets up a merchant account for e-commerce, he or she will be able to accept electronic payments from customers. Customers must use their cards to make all payments, anywhere and at any time. The merchant's payment service provider can also process all mobile payments and E-wallet payments. This allows merchants to reach a larger audience. According to some research on customer perceptions of payment options, the results revealed that customers tended to purchase more when they could make online payments. It’s taken as ecommerce merchant account solutions.

Setting up a merchant account for e-commerce.

Setting up a merchant account for e-commerce.

Enhanced security

By setting up a merchant account for e-commerce with a PCI DSS certified PSP, merchants can ensure that the cardholder's customer database is secure. To obtain the certification, the PSP must adhere to the PCI DSS's strict security standards and use advanced technology to detect fraud and safely protect cardholder information.

Acceptance of payments in a wide range of currencies

One of the most significant advantages of having a merchant account is the ability to accept multiple currencies. It means that the merchant can reach their target customers by crossing borders and accepting payments in their local currency. Furthermore, it slightly improves merchants' and customers' payment experiences, as well as their chances of return.

Better financial management

Merchants can monitor and manage their cash flow by using a merchant account to accept electronic payments. The PSP can send its own monthly report to update on transactions made, currencies used, payment methods used, and other relevant information.

One payment gateway for multiple websites

Finding a good payment gateway service provider is a persistent problem for most businesses these days, because it entails numerous tasks such as time consuming, price bidding, contract signing, and so on.

As a result, PayCEC is here to provide you with the best option: a single payment gateway for multiple websites. It is regarded as one of the ecommerce merchant account services.

Accept several payment methods.

As can be seen, most local payment gateway service providers now accept a variety of payment cards, including credit and debit cards. Aside from that, it depends on which country accepts Visa, as Asians use it the most, while Europeans prefer Mastercards, and North Americans prefer AMEX and Mastercards. Another big advantage is counted in ecommerce merchant account services.

Payment interface for mobile and tablet devices

In this day and age, the online payment gateway is changing as a result of technological advancements. Typically, how users pay is determined by the device they use to conduct online payment transactions. Users can gain experience with merchant platforms on PCs, tablets, and other devices, which is not only convenient but also necessary. Having a consistent and smart online payment gateway interface may instill feelings of dependability and friendliness in all businesses and their customers when making online payments. It's supposed to be the most important factor at this point. It’s regarded as one of the e-commerce merchant account solutions.

E-commerce merchant account solutions.

E-commerce merchant account solutions.

Benefits of holding a merchant account

Merchant accounts are important because they are a key component of most merchants' business operations. When it comes to setting up an e-commerce merchant account with an e-commerce merchant account services provider, they have multiple options. Merchant acquiring banks provide merchants with merchant accounts to facilitate payment transactions.

E-commerce merchant account solutions.

What ecommerce merchant account solutions are?

Reaches the global market

A merchant account can assist them in increasing the profit, going online, and growing their business. In today's business world, all they need to do is accept credit cards from their shoppers. People are using cash less and less, so being able to accept credit cards can help them achieve the goals: reaching the wider market globally and contributing to the integration.

Raises the buying and buying-back decisions

A well-designed payment platform offers more than just an ecommerce merchant account provider. It, in particular, provides a real-time user experience. A shopper can select their goods and add them to their carts with a single click. Aside from that, they can even save them for future purchases with more thought. And it creates more user experiences for them somehow. At this point, it increases the merchant business’ sales and the overall performance/ operation. Furthermore, it even expands the customer base. The payment platform is provided with the digital platform to encourage shoppers purchasing freely more without barriers.

Builds the customer loyalty

Accepting credit and debit cards is one of the most important advantages of having a merchant account. Credit and debit cards continue to gain popularity among merchants and shoppers, establishing themselves as the new ‘norm.' Businesses that prioritize the customer experience frequently discover that removing any friction in the purchasing or payment acceptance processes can help them gain new customers and improve their cash flow .

Decreases the risks involved in online payments

By using ecommerce merchant account services and accepting electronic payments. Your business can avoid the hassle and costs associated with bounced checks. Furthermore, when combined with a complete payment system, the merchant account can enable shoppers to accept recurring payments for services that they provide on a regular basis.

They are more than just an ecommerce merchant account provider; they also provide guidance and valuable content on preventing and mitigating chargebacks and fraud, as well as news about the high risk merchant account industry.


A merchant account can lead to happy shoppers simply by allowing them to make purchases in a variety of ways. Whether it's with credit or debit cards, online payments through a shopping cart for merchant’s services, mobile payments, or recurring billing, the shoppers will appreciate the ease with which they can shop with the merchant's business. That thing would be a big ecommerce merchant account solution.

E-commerce merchant account provider.

E-commerce merchant account provider.

What are the advantages of accepting credit/ debit cards ?

There are numerous benefits for businesses who allow and accept electronic payments. Given that credit cards are increasingly becoming the primary mode of payment not only in America but around the world, there may be a disadvantage if merchants run a business and do not accept credit card transactions.

The main advantage of accepting credit cards online is that it provides merchants with more payment options from their shoppers. Ecommerce merchant account providers provide a variety of e-commerce solutions that can assist you in accepting credit cards online. Some can also assist you in accepting payments from customers via your social media pages.

At PayCEC, we provide 3 packages of pricing solutions as Pro and Premium.

Due to the merchant’s needs in payment requirements, each package has different values and meets their demands.

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Only at PayCEC, we provide the specific buying guideline as the following:

  • Contract: PayCEC does not require a lengthy contract, any cancellation or further notification will be sent before a month.
  • Scalability: When we tend to run other businesses with different units, we are integrated possibly because we hold the management system that can be operated for multiple websites.
  • Management: every admin members control the management is under good controls, BOD can easily have an overview of the working situation.
  • Integration: merchants can easily sync data instead of manually downloading and uploading it between systems. If any business seeks for integration support from PayCEC, our Relationship Manager and IT Team will be there in seconds without any fees of charge.
  • Customer Support: available 24/7

E-commerce merchant account provider.

E-commerce merchant account solutions for businesses.

Setting up a merchant account

  • Company document, includes COI - Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration and Tax Identification number - TIN.
  • Personal document, includes passport and address proof.
  • Website URL

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