The multiple currency payment gateway - One quick way to unlock customer loyalty in e-commerce

Monday, 14 Jun, 2021

As most businesses have grown up nowadays, the customer’s expectation and product range also have expanded at the same time. An e-commerce site allows merchants and buyers to tighten the connections and scale up the business, it provides the multiple currency payment gateway as an e-commerce site. It not only allows them to add more categories but also provides more payment options for merchant accounts which are much more convenient for buyers.

E-commerce platform offers merchants and buyers a whole range of opportunities and marketing tools to generate more sales and a well developed website. Without worrying about setting the location, delivery struggles, operating time, different currencies, …. E-commerce business is what all of us need indeed.

Why is E-commerce so important?

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1. Forming the importance of e-commerce nowadays.

Nowadays, all commerce or daily activities are related and connected to the Internet. Digitalization is taken as the hot latest trend that is transforming the business processes for digital. Therefore, without the internet, all of this kind of business is impossible to exist and operate no matter what their first intentions are. All the merchants and buyers are connected through the digital platforms. When it comes to E-commerce, it’s all about online selling and buying goods and services which are so important at the moment. Where was the customer loyalty built from most e-commerce platforms ?

Wide variety of products and services.

As we can see, there's a range of products and services we can find on the Internet just by a click. Those kinds of stuff are created to meet our demands. Buyers can easily find what they want, like on the device they currently use. Furthermore, buyers even have more than their first one option, this point raises their buying decisions and the customer loyalty much more.

E.g: When one buyer tends to buy a table only in the first place, but then when they added to cart their stuff already, the site could suggest the related chairs, lambs, or even the delivery service.

Lower costs, compared to traditional shopping.

One big advantage of online shopping is having much lower set up costs than traditional shopping. Firstly, the Internet nowadays is almost free, that's why all merchants can set up whatever they want to operate their business as one multiple currency merchant account. Therefore, merchants don't have to think of any fees such as: operating costs, stock storage, etc. Furthermore, while they save those costs, they can even develop and reach more target customers. Then, there are several marketing channels that e-commerce merchants should pay attention to. If merchants already have physical stores, it's good for them to contribute to running both of their businesses from 2 sides: online and offline.

As the buyer, just tends to…

As the buyer just tends to make a buying decision by a click, they will have more options from this point. It raises the speed of consumer consumption for merchants when they can sell more and more on their own site. Buyers will spend more time shopping and less time consuming when they don’t have to worry about the time of making final decisions via their devices. Merchants just want to make sure their platforms are easy to use in order to remain competitive rate.

Speedy business expansion.

Based on the benefits of online shopping, most e-commerce merchants usually provide multiple currency gateway that helps them to expand their businesses globally, that's called cross-border trade. Merchants can reach more target customers and save initial setup expenditures by one multiple currency merchant account. Besides that, due to the cross-border trade, merchants should contribute and invest more in delivery aspects to build trust and customer loyalty.

The multiple currency payment gateway - One quick way to unlock customer loyalty in e-commerce

Multiple currency payment gateway.

2. Importance of e-commerce payment gateway.

The multiple currency payment gateway seems like an important factor for every merchant nowadays, to set up one professional platform and websites for their own target buyers.


One big advantage for e-commerce businesses is their buyers can purchase the goods and services anytime and everywhere. Therefore, it’s important for merchants to provide e-commerce payment gateway. Obviously, due to this aspect, the multiple currency payment gateway can build customer loyalty indirectly.

The difference in currencies is always a big issue for multinational merchants especially. Understanding about that problem, PayCEC provides and supports major global currencies like EUR/USD/GBP/SGD/AUD/NZD/JPY/HKD in online payment collecting.Those ones would be an ideal choice for merchants to acquire card payments when setting up multiple currency merchant accounts. By integrating multiple currency payment gateways to merchant’s websites or platforms on any mobile device, enterprises can think globally and take action locally.

Decreasing technology cost.

The Internet becomes free most of the time nowadays, it reflects that there ‘s such a decrease in technology cost for businesses. Furthermore, it even shows a fact that computers are now not that pricey as in the past.

Obviously, when running an ecommerce business, merchants can save all these kinds of costs.

Obviously, when running a ecommerce business, merchants can save all these kinds of costs. They can save costs in papers and time when making all the transactions by multiple currency merchant accounts.

Increasing online commerce.

The development of e-commerce businesses nowadays stimulates other merchants following them and won’t stop moving forward. Due to the success of previous e-commerce businesses, the latter ones have been growing up so fast currently and all the buyers can see there are several e-commerce channels that provide goods and services.

3. How to register and set up a multiple currency payment gateway for your online business.

In PayCEC, we provide our customers an online payment gateway which brings quicker online payment processing, especially multiple currency payment gateways. Let's give us a try, here are the steps that help you to set up a multiple currency merchant account, including only 4 steps:

Enter Information

Enter Information

Enter Information

Document Submission

Integration Support

Integration Support



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