Why are so many consumers craving digital currency payment gateway ?

Saturday, 27 Nov, 2021

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A crypto payment gateway enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency transactions.

It could be taken as the digital currency payment gateway in this latest generation: cryptocurrency. More businesses are being inspired by the ongoing crypto craze and are looking to incorporate a viable crypto gateway rather than focusing on the problems of starting to take crypto payments.

Therefore, are you wondering Why are so many consumers craving digital currency payment gateway nowadays?

1. What is a Crypto Payment Gateway/ Digital Payment Gateway?

A crypto payment gateway is a dynamic payment processing platform that enables merchants or providers to accept payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies while maintaining security.

It allows users to send money directly from one cryptocurrency wallet to another.

These payment gateways are also responsible for safely transferring the payer's sensitive wallet-related data to the merchant's software, in addition to their primary functions.

Many businesses are looking for the most profitable, safe, and rapid payment options, this payment network is becoming more widely used by enterprises of all sizes.

1.1. Components of a standard digital currency payment gateway:

  • For User
    • Home page
    • User sign-in/sign up
    • My profile
    • Dashboard
    • My wallet feature with withdrawal functionality
    • Deposit and withdrawal history
    • Transaction history
    • Merchant tools
    • API key generation
    • Account settings
  • For Admin
    • Admin dashboard
    • Admin sign-in
    • View users
    • View user deposit and withdrawal history
    • Merchant payment history
    • Merchant details
    • API category
    • Security settings
    • Support system
    • Content management system

1.2. Features of digital currency payment gateway

1.2.1. Peer-to-peer transaction

Merchants, shops, and companies can take payments directly from customers via a peer-to-peer system by adding a decentralized payment gateway into their existing payment mechanism. This functionality reduces transaction (digital currency electronic payment) times while also ensuring secure access to the payment gateway.

1.2.2. No intermediaries

With bitcoin payment solutions and other crypto currency acceptance methods, the role of third parties and intermediaries in the payment system is abolished.

As a result, the payment is delivered directly from the consumer's wallet to the company, saving the customer money on transaction fees.

1.1.3. International transactions

A digital currency payment method takes only a few minutes, whereas an international bank transfer might take anywhere from 5 to 15 days to complete.

The rapid transaction speed benefits enterprises of all kinds (small, medium, and large) since it allows them to complete digital currency electronic payments on commodities import and export more quickly.

If all goes according to plan, cross-border transactions, particularly digital money pay methods, can provide huge upside potential for merchants/businesses.

More about digital currency electronic payment.

More about digital currency electronic payment.

1.1.4. Common pain points


When customers have a strong desire to shop and a large number of bitcoins in their wallet but are unable to pay, especially on days like Black Friday, Sales, etc., when credit card limitations are over. It would be happier for them if their crypto wallets were accepted.

International transactions are subjected to a higher fee as well as the cost of exchange.

From some pain points mentioned above, therefore, a cryptocurrency payment gateway is a need, it solves the certain problems that meet the customers demands.


When transactions are refused and relegated to the abandoned cart due to a lack of a bitcoin payment mechanism. The merchant may change to other competitive providers. And from that point, the profits will be lower.

Other digital currency payment gateways are not instantly convertible to fiat money because merchants are usually aware of keeping lots of crypto.

Card associations are becoming more expensive, especially in the post-Brexit UK.

Why not develop a different way to optimize revenues, lower customer service prices, and improve loyalty?

2. Benefits of the digital currency payment gateway/ Crypto payment gateway

2.1. Freedom from chargebacks

It is not possible to chargeback or refund a bitcoin payment once it has been processed through the payment gateway. This function aids in the protection of enterprises from business payment risks, particularly when goods are delivered and customers request a chargeback. It also lowers the merchant's credit on the dashboard, as well as the operation costs and shipping fees. Customers may also want to amend or cancel their bills at the last minute.

2.2. Anonymity

Decentralized payment gateways, in contrast to centralized payment gateways, do not require registration or KYC (know your customer) verification during the digital currency electronic payment process.

Instead, it allows users to join the network without revealing their identities.

Vendors selling digital assets that are concerned about privacy will benefit from anonymity. Besides that, the anonymous feature does not mean that KYC doesn’t protect the customers data. With the end-users, when they sign up for an account for E-wallet, they have to provide ID, Passport, Face Recognition with their real-face photo - authentication. Before boarding, with the merchants, the provider must verify the application carefully. The business industry is identical with the registration information and the legality of that business activity. Thus, anonymity helps to secure digital currency electronic payment information, but payments between parties are legal and safe payments.

2.3. Instant processing

Crypto payment processing gets exceedingly rapid when there are no intermediaries, taking less than 10 seconds. It allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies (digital currency electronic payment) and convert it to fiat currency quickly and easily at any time. With QR code scanning, transactions are performed quickly. Users merely need to use their smartphones to scan the digital currency electronic payment code without taking time and avoid inputting wrong information.

2.4. Immediate Availability

In contrast to regular payments, there are no third parties engaged in this transaction.

When a transaction is completed successfully, the funds are transferred to your wallet, where they can be retrieved immediately.

After that, you can convert your cryptos to fiat instantly into your preferred fiat currency as the merchant withdraws (USD EUR, GBP, CAD) at the end of each transaction.

2.5. A peer-to-peer basis

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system/ digital currency payment, which means that users can send and receive payments from anyone on the network anywhere in the world.

The participants to a transaction do not need authorisation from an external source or authority unless they are sending or receiving bitcoin or other types of digital currency payment via a licensed exchange or institution.

3. How does digital currency payment gateway work?

A crypto payment gateway's main purpose is to allow clients to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. For example, if you wish to allow clients to pay in Bitcoin (BTC), you can start taking Bitcoin in exchange for your goods and services by using a payment gateway.

Some crypto payment gateways will construct a wallet for you to hold the currencies you accept, while others will connect to an existing wallet. After receiving the digital currency payment, they may allow you to change between different fiat and cryptocurrency currencies. As a result, your company will be able to receive and keep a variety of cryptocurrencies.

The way that digital currency payment system works?

The way that digital currency payment system works?

Our team provides extra services in order to give you a reliable and secure Crypto payment gateway solution.

You can further customize the features to meet your needs through customization.

The following are some of the services we provide in relation to crypto payment gateways:

Multiple payment options Multiple payment options

We create crypto payment gateways that allow your customers to convert crypto to fiat regardless of the payment method they use.

Credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and even other digital currency payments ( namely Etherium, Litecoin, ...) are all possibilities.

API plugins API plugins

To automate the payment method, our team creates a unique and configurable API.

This API can be used to manage non-payment facilities such as value cards, electronic cash and direct debit services as well as payment transactions.

Merchant E-wallet development Merchant E-wallet development

Our team develops a secure Merchant E-wallet to assist you in providing features such as checking their crypto balance, saving cryptos, and tracking the current currencies.

We also ensure that this cryptocurrency wallet is well-integrated with your cryptocurrency payment gateway, allowing your users to send and receive numerous cryptocurrencies rapidly.

5. Importance of Crypto Payment Gateways


are unsurpassed because blockchain technology needs repeated verifications from anonymous third parties.The network's security and transparency

Low Fees

Low Fees

Crypto transactions are well-known for being cost-effective, especially when compared to credit card transactions. Learn more.


Many crypto transactions take only a few seconds to complete.

Rather than waiting several business days for an ACH (Automated Clearing House) or equivalent transfer to be processed, payments can be sent and received in fractions of a second using the Bitcoin lightning network.



The majority of bitcoin payment gateways as well as other digital currency payment gateways, will make it easier to pool your funds and set up conversions and transfers.

Seamless Payments

Users must simply scan the QR code or paste the copied link into the "Confirm" box.

That feature aids in the avoidance of incorrect payment information such as complex series numbers, recipient names, expiration dates, and unfinished transactions.

Seamless Payments

6. Consider These Factors When Selecting A Crypto Payment Gateway

Check to see if they have the coins you and your consumers want.

Examine their fees, as they can vary dramatically between digital currency electronic payment gateways. Also, confirm that they have previously delivered a positive experience for other firms with whom they have collaborated. Before selecting any payment gateway, there’s a variety of questions you should consider about:

  • How much will the service cost?
  • Does it accept those well-known coins of digital currency electronic payment?
  • What services do they offer, such as fraud protection and virtual terminals?
  • Is having a merchant account for the chosen gateway required?
  • Is the payment gateway compatible with the country of the online store?

All about the digital currency payment system .

All about the digital currency payment system .

7. List of documents required to start accepting digital currency payment by cryptocurrency

  • Incorporation certificate.The document depicts the most important factors of business formation. It usually includes the corporation's legal address, name, and type.
  • Incumbency certificate (or equivalent).The document contains information on the company's owners, including their names and positions.
  • Copies of all company owners and officers' passports with their signatures. The scanned copies of the passports of the directors and officers.
  • Application. It's usually a web form on a PSP's website.
  • The record of processing. The requirements for different PSPs are different. High-risk business owners, on the other hand, must always give at least six months of processing history.
  • License. Attach a license granted by the appropriate body in your country.
  • Turnover. Clarify your turnover amount so the payment processor can link you to the best bank for you.

Accepting digital money pay: Cryptocurrency

Accepting digital money pay: Cryptocurrency

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