Risk Management

Minimize Fraud & Maximize Revenue

Risk Management

At PayCEC, we understand that every merchant has different needs on management risk, especially rely on their business model.

In order to solve merchants' needs and challenges, PayCEC employs a powerful two-tier system of protection that automatically checks for fraud while a dedicated risk management team monitors all your transactions in real-time. Our fraud screening rules are highly flexible and can be fine-tuned according to your business needs.

PayCEC performs rigorous fraud checks on each and every transaction. Our prevailing fraud protection technology stays up-to-date on current fraud trends, applies complex online fraud prevention rules and stores encrypted customer data in a highly secure environment.

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Minimize fraud and accept more payment !

PayCEC Risk Management Service helps merchants to automate and streamline fraud operations to help maximize revenue.



Use machine learning to detect fraud



Tailor fraud rules for your business



Streamline your manual review process


Make better decisions to increase conversions

Accessing dashboard with detailed reports 24/7 will help merchants have a clear overview of fraud and chargebacks information. With those valuable data, merchants' businesses can make more precise decisions on potentially fraudulent transactions and adapt constantly their settings to the evolving fraud pattern.

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