Website Requirements

Updated time: Dec 17, 2020 , 09:55 (UTC+03:00)

Card associations and payment service providers require each online business and online store to meet the particular standard as well as clearly specify some important information on their website before accepting credit and debit cards.

For companies:

  • Company name and titles of trademarks used;
  • Purchase terms and conditions;
  • Goods/services delivery terms and conditions (delivery terms, pricing and time);
  • Chargeback/ Payment refund terms and conditions;
  • Privacy policy / Personal data processing rules;
  • Valid SSL certificate (must work with https://);
  • Main information about the company: company name, company registration address, company registration number;
  • Customer service phone number and email address.

Other requirements:

  • Your website must comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to protect your customers and transaction details. Please contact us directly, so we could provide more information and help you comply with PCI DSS.
  • For all new customers, we activate the 3D-Secure cardholder authentication tool. 
  • If you offer a subscription service on your website, you must clearly state how your customer can cancel their subscription and how to contact you, in case they have questions.
  • Specify the types of accepted payment cards.
  • Provide a detailed description of your goods /services.
  • State the exact prices.
  • Make available the terms and conditions for terminating the agreement.
  • The Merchant must prove to have introduced all the terms and conditions of their online store to a cardholder (buyer). If you have any questions related to the website requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email.

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