Is it sophisticated when it comes to integrating an online gateway to accept Visa MasterCard payments on a website?

Tuesday, 11 Jan, 2022

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Visa and MasterCard are the key players in the card payment industry, their market shares account for nearly 60% and 30% respectively. The network itself is extremely potential for online businesses to leverage the massive cardholder portfolio to optimize revenue and enhance brand trust. The article will let readers understand how simple it is to accept Visa MasterCard payments in website online and it’s high standard of security.

How simple is it to accept Visa MasterCard payments in website online?

How simple is it to accept Visa MasterCard payments in website online?

1. Introduction of PayCEC Visa and MasterCard payment gateway

PayCEC is an online payment gateway that helps online companies and ecommerce websites acquire credit/debit card payments on many forms of online commerce (eg. marketplace of web browsers, mobile apps, redirect payment links or recurring payments). PayCEC accepts the 2 most popular cards in the consuming market - Visa and MasterCard brands. To be able to connect with the international card associations, PayCEC complies with the PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to handle Visa MasterCard payment with the highest standard of security that protect consumers’s data and sensitive information as well as merchants from the risk of card fraud and chargeback.

Visa MasterCard payment gateway is one of the payment solutions that PayCEC provides for our merchant clients. Due to the popularity of card usage, online firms and ecommerce companies can leverage that strength point of Visa MasterCard payment network to optimize their global revenues. Apart from Visa and MasterCard payment gateway, PayCEC also helps clients in acquiring American Express card payments, Crypto currencies and SEPA banking transfers. Learn more!

Introduction of PayCEC Visa and MasterCard payment gateway

Introduction of PayCEC Visa and MasterCard payment gateway

2. How simple is it to accept Visa MasterCard payments?

There is a stereotype that installing a payment gateway into websites is very tricky. However the reality is not hard like it said. To accept Visa MasterCard payments from online shoppers, ecommerce companies and online businesses only need to integrate a payment API which is developed in a convenient way for setting up.

payment API which is developed in a convenient way for setting up

Merchants only need to integrate a payment API which is developed in a convenient way for setting up

All you need to do is register a merchant account, create a login user in the management dashboard and follow the steps of integrating the Visa MasterCard payment gateway API into your websites by downloading the file on PayCEC developer page, extract the compressed file and click set up.

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3. Understanding of Visa and MasterCard payment gateway

3.1 Card networks


The card networks of Visa are known as VisaNet, V Pay and Visa Electron.


VisaNet, as one of the world's largest electronic payment networks, is dedicated to Visa's objective of offering the greatest method for consumers, businesses, and governments to pay and be paid.

V PAY card is a Visa payment card, European and ultra secure (chip, and without magnetic stripe). V Pay is a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) debit card for use in Europe, issued by Visa Europe. It uses the EMV chip and PIN system and may be co-branded with various national debit card schemes. It allows consumers to pay and withdraw money in 36 European countries, anywhere the V PAY logo is displayed.

The overdraft protection is provided by Visa Electron card. Each transaction is subject to an authorisation request, which ensures that consumers do not go over their account's available amount. Visa Electron reassures and assists consumers in keeping track of their purchases. Visa Electron is a debit card that operates on the Visa payment network. With the exception of Canada, Australia, Argentina, Ireland, and the United States, it is offered by issuing banks in every country.


The card networks of MasterCard are known as MasterCard, Maestro.

MasterCard is the second-largest payments network, ranked behind Visa, in the global payments industry. MasterCard's core network, which it refers to as its own global payments network, is used to conduct payment transactions that typically involve a MasterCard account holder and a merchant, as well as their respective financial institutions. Credit, debit, and prepaid cards with this brand are accepted for payment.

Maestro is a Mastercard debit card brand. Maestro cards can be used to make in-store purchases as well as withdraw money from ATMs. Depending on the bank, most Maestro cards also allow online payments.

Because both Maestro debit cards and MasterCards are issued by MasterCard, it's simple to mix them up. The main distinction is that Maestro is only available as a debit card, whereas MasterCards are available as debit, credit, or prepaid cards.

3.2 How does the Visa MasterCard payment gateway capture information?

When it comes to credit/debit card payment, customers are required to provide their card details on the checkout platform or Visa MasterCard payment gateway interface, namely:

  • Full name cardholder in capital letters
  • Card number (16 digits)
  • Expiry date (mm/yy)
  • Visual security code (or security code, referred to as CVV for Visa and CVC for MasterCard)
  • If the cardholder's card and your merchant ID are enrolled in 3-D Secure, the customer will be required to enter a dynamic one-time use code, usually received on their mobile phone.

3.3 Available functionalities of Visa and Mastercard payment gateway

Payment channels

Internet Internet
Mail order - Phone order Mail order - Phone order
Fax Fax
IVS (interactive voice server) IVS (interactive voice server)

Means of payment

  • Immediate payment
  • End-of-day payment
  • Deferred payment
  • Payment upon shipping
  • Payment in instalments
  • Subscription payment
  • Batch payment
  • OneClick payment

Currency management

  • Multicurrency acceptance
  • Currency settlement
  • EUR/USD currency conversion

3.4 3D-Secure

The 3-D Secure program was designed by the Visa and MasterCard networks to ensure cardholder authentication during online payments in order to reduce fraud.

The terms "Verified By Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" are used by the Visa and MasterCard networks to refer to the 3-D Secure program. The cardholder must authenticate the payment transaction if you are a member of the 3-D Secure program.

3.5 Address Verification System

Visa MasterCard payment processors offer an address verification service (AVS) that allows retailers to verify ownership of a credit or debit card used by a client.

In a credit/debit card-not-present transaction, AVS is performed as part of the merchant's authorisation request. The credit card company or issuing bank immediately compares the billing address provided by the consumer to the billing address in its records and reports back to the merchant, who has the last say on whether or not to proceed with the transaction. AVS can be used in conjunction with other credit card security measures, such as the CVV2 number.

AVS is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, among other nations. AVS normally verifies only the numeric sections of a cardholder's billing address, resulting in some inconsistencies such as apartment numbers, which might generate false declines.

3.6 Cash management

  • Cancelation
  • Validation
  • Refund
  • Duplication
  • Recycling
  • Credit

3.7 Reports availability

With PayCEC' reports, you may get a complete and integrated picture of your transactions, cash operations, accounts, and chargebacks. This data can be used to improve your information management with the Visa MasterCard payment gateway:

  • Transactions report
  • Operations report
  • Reconciliations report
  • Chargebacks report

3.8 Visa MasterCard payment card tiers

Visa brand MasterCard brand

Traditional Visa

Traditional Visa

Standard Mastercard

Standard Mastercard

Visa Signature

Visa Signature

World Mastercard

World Mastercard

Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite

World Elite Mastercard

World Elite Mastercard

4. Essential components to accept Visa MasterCard payments

Merchant Account + Payment Gateway

To accept Visa MasterCard payments, online companies should create a combination of merchant account and payment gateway. This combo helps merchants collect payments online and withdraw funds easily as well as manage cash effectively.

A merchant account is a special kind of business bank account that lets you accept credit/debit Visa MasterCard payments. You can apply for any merchant account from the acquiring bank that you prefer. Normally, many ecommerce firms use EUR or USD business bank accounts to acquire money from online customers.

Payment gateway is a software that connects online stores and the merchant account, facilitates Visa MasterCard payment processing data from a variety of players namely consumer, merchant, card processor, card schemes network, issuing bank, acquiring bank.

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