What is the difference between Agile and waterfall?

13 May 2022 By PAYCEC

Agile and Waterfall are the two most common software development approaches used in ERP systems, but they have some key differences to consider.

There are some below the difference between Agile and waterfall:

a) Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

Both Agile and Waterfall are popular software development approaches for ERP projects that aim to provide high-value products in the shortest amount of time. Despite having the same purpose, they take various techniques to complete the projects. The waterfall is a sequential design process, whereas Agile takes an incremental method to get things done.

b) Agile and Waterfall Methodologies Approach

Both are viable project management strategies, but in different ways. Waterfall is a conventional approach that can be rigorous at times, and it divides the entire development process into a series of activities that begin with conception and end with production. Agile, on the other hand, is a newer method to lean development than Waterfall and uses an incremental approach.

c) Agile and Waterfall Scope

Analysis, design, coding, implementation, and testing are all steps of a software development project under the waterfall methodology. It works effectively when the project's scope is known ahead of time, but it limits adjustments, limiting adaptability. Agile, as a current approach, is open to modifications, which comes at a cost, but it works well when the project scope is unclear.

d) Agile and Waterfall Design Processes

Agile starts with a minimal project plan, breaking it down into small modules over time. The steps of the development process run concurrently with regular input, and a backlog is kept to track progress. Waterfall, on the other hand, is a sequential procedure that does not monitor the project's progress. Because it follows a sequential method, a developer can only proceed to the next phase after successfully finishing the first.

e) Agile and Waterfall Prioritization

Contract terms in Agile approach allow for partial project success, lowering the chance of failure. As a modern method, it prioritizes processes based on value, requiring the implementation of valuable features first, lowering the danger of an unusable product. Waterfall, on the other hand, is based on a "all or nothing" strategy, which increases the likelihood of project failure by limiting the project's partial success.


The two most prevalent software development techniques used in ERP projects are Agile and Waterfall, however, they take different ways to achieve the same goal: to provide the desired product in the shortest period possible, free of faults and errors. Agile software development takes a more gradual approach, allowing for more flexibility in monitoring progress throughout the development cycle. Waterfall, on the other hand, takes everything one step at a time, from conception to execution and upkeep. Developers can only move on to the next phase after completing the previous one, which limits alterations and increases the risk of failure. Agile development allows for adjustments during the development cycle, lowering the risk of complete failure.

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