How does the payment gateway work system design?

01 Dec 2023 By PAYCEC

When a user begins a transaction, it sets a chain reaction inside the payment gateway's system design. The front-end, the user-facing interface, plays a pivotal role at this stage.

Crafted with user-centricity in mind, it beckons customers to input their payment details confidently. Simultaneously, encryption algorithms such as SSL/TLS stand guard, transforming the sensitive data into an unreadable cipher during transmission.

Beneath this user-friendly façade lies the backend, where the encrypted transaction details undergo a meticulous validation process. This layer acts as the guardian, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the information before progressing to the next act.

As the transaction gains approval, the system design shifts its focus to the third layer, the nexus between the payment gateway, the payment processor, and the financial institutions.

Here, the payment processor liaises with the customer's issuing bank, initiates the fund transfer, and reports to the gateway. The acquiring bank receives the baton from the issuing bank, signaling the approval that echoes back to the merchant through the gateway.

The expertise of payment gateway architecture resides in its ability to harmonize these numerous layers, producing a dance that preserves sensitive information while speeding transactions with finesse.

It's a monument to the union of cutting-edge technology and financial acumen, flawlessly merging the user experience with powerful backend operations.

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