Real-time Risk management

Real-time Risk Management
Real-time Risk Management

The world is constantly changing.

The payment process is changing.

And World Payment Corporation understands that!Real-time Risk Management

Our payment services go above and beyond to protect you and your customers from fraudulent activity. PayCEC merchants can have an up-to-the-minute view of their changing risk exposures so that they can take action to mitigate them. With real-time risk management from PayCEC, merchants not only can reduce risk but also transfer it more effectively.

Merchant Risk Management and Fraud Protection

  • Real-time Risk Management and fraud protection are paramount to us, and when accepting large volumes of payments or when operating in a higher risk sector, the impact of fraud becomes even more acute. Our built-in fraud scrubbing and security features help merchants reduce the need for manual transaction reviews and minimize fraudulent sales that require merchants to engage in chargebacks and refunds.
  • With PayCEC’s experience, continuous improvement, and innovations will be the key core competencies to protect your business and layout the foundations for secure and successful online business activities.
  • Our real-time risk assessment and fraud prevention services allow for full customization to provide the appropriate fraud scrubbing tools for your business and to reduce costs effectively.
Merchant Risk Management and Fraud Protection

PayCEC was established in response to the growing need for businesses to accept online payments more quickly and easily.

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PayCEC meets the high-level PCI Compliance

  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed to protect consumers and their data no matter where they shop or what channel they use. Careless online merchants can ruin the trust that a consumer requires to feel comfortable and confident shopping online.
  • PayCEC is PCI standards certified. Our redundant data centres store and encrypt millions of credit card accounts so you can focus on your business and not on credit card security.
PayCEC meets the high-level PCI Compliance
Fraud protection for your company

Fraud protection for your company

  • PayCEC commits to protecting you, your business and your customers from fraudulent activities. We offer a defence strategy as real-time risk solutions, to identify fraudulent activity and keep fraud from impacting your operations. Our approach is rigorous and straightforward.
  • We use statistical algorithms and data collection techniques to assess many variables in under 3 seconds to identify markers of fraud. Our algorithms are proprietary to our business and customized to different industries and geographies.

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We are honored to serve as your reliable business partner and financial service provider in the industry and other business-related services. With the help of our professional staff, to help merchants to achieve their goals for the development and expansion of the international business market.

Our payment flow has developed in the e-commerce world to perform seamlessly and effectively across all platforms and devices. We take pleasure in combining technology with customer service, to solve your concerns at the moment.

PayCEC is a fully worldwide payment network that not only allows merchants to be paid immediately and securely, but also allows them to withdraw money in multiple currencies to their company accounts.

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