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All you need to do to become one of our partners is registering an account at our homepage and complete the PayCEC Compliance Documents Checklist. With just few steps, you can help yourself to test, integrate and request to upgrade LIVE version for PayCEC payment Gateway through the Dashboard.

Become A Partner

More specifically, in case that payment provider considers merchant as a prominent client, we would give that merchant the pre-approval. It doesn’t guarantee that merchant will definitely be accepted, but it is still very good news for both sides. Also it is a good stage to tell merchant preliminary financial conditions prestige. After this step, PayCEC will know more about your business and help you with your payment solution before proceeding to the next step.

When pre-approval is reached, the merchant has to go through “KYC-stage” (Know Your Customer stage). Basically, the information in the pre-check form is stated but not yet proven, so acquiring the bank needs to be sure that the provided information is real. That is why the merchant is asked to provide company documents along with some business statements and application forms. Moreover, detailed information allows to understand better the business structure and estimate the risk factors.

While filling out the online form, please take a note that the provided information has to be confirmed with provided documents. For your convenience every part of PayCEC application form is shown separately with corresponding explanations. Please notice that the information in the form was typed as an example, so all possible resemblance to real people or companies is completely coincidental. But it may help you to realize how to fill certain fields of the form using the pattern. The application form includes more details in many fields so we could understand better the merchant’s inner information including owners’ personal information. This information is only collected according to acquiring bank’s underwriting process and completely confidential. Sometimes companies have quite complicated layout and at the first glance it is not clearly understandable about who is an ultimate beneficiary owner (UBO) or how many companies are involved in, so the more precise information is the better.

Along with the online application, you may be asked to provide any of the following information when completing your underwriting process:

  • Your current or projected turnover
  • Business accounts
  • Average transaction value
  • Frequency of transactions
  • The type of product or service you are selling
  • The time expired between the point at which the payment is taken and the point when you complete the order or service.
  • The percentage of transactions taken by card.
  • How your product or service is delivered to the customer.
  • A reference form of a current supplier.

It takes around 2 weeks for the merchant to accept the first payment provided Compliance Documents Checklist is approved. However, this period can be shortened after PayCEC has a record of your business Transaction History. Each business is considered on a risk basis and the terms that are offered will reflect the risk involved in supplying your business with a merchant account.

During the underwriting process, PayCEC’s account managers would help merchant to appropriately prepare the documentation package, so the process would become easier and all you need is just scanning your documents and allow us to sort them.



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How Can We Help?All information entered on this form will be kept strictly confidential and subject to our privacy policy once received by us. Your transaction will be secured using SSL/TLS encryption.


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