Merchant Fees & Charges

Updated time: Apr 03, 2024, 07:19 (UTC+03:00)

Transaction Fee

  • Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Diners / Discover / JCB / China Union Pay / Cartes Bancaires

Transaction Processing Fee for all cards and payment methods: 5.9% + $0.35 for every USD transaction

Currency conversion fee: 0.5% for every Non-USD transaction

Refund fee: $0.35

Chargeback fee: $35.00 / dispute transaction

Reserved fund: 20% sale volume held in 60 days to cover potential refunds and disputes.

* Any cost incurred during the payout process will be borne by the merchant.

Setup and Maintenance Fee

Set-up Fee: Free of charge

Maintenance Fee per Month: $50 (3-month Free of charge)

Payout Terms

Minimum payout amount: $500.

The minimum payout amount is the remaining amount of the total transactions after removing all relevant costs.

We are switching to a twice-monthly payout schedule (2 times/month) from 5th April 2024 . Payouts will now be processed on the 5th and 20th of every month:

Transaction Date

Monthly Payout Date

From 05th to 20th


From 20th to 05th


*The transaction date is the date on which the banking system records a transaction as successfully processed.

However, please note that the actual payout term can be affected by various factors such as the country you are operating in, the banking system, and any potential delays or holds imposed by PayCEC or the merchant's bank.

Reserved Fund

You accept that We shall have the right to set Rolling Reserve. The amount of Rolling Reserve depends on Our assessment of Your business risk level and will be calculated on Transactions basis, meaning that a portion of the final amount of every Transaction will be reserved by Us.

Percent and period of Rolling Reserve will be informed by PayCEC. You accept that during the period of Rolling Reserve You will not be able to use or access funds of Rolling Reserve.

We shall have the right at any time to set-off any Your Financial Liabilities from the available Rolling Reserve. After expiry of the period of Rolling Reserve, the remaining amount of Rolling Reserve not used by Us under this Agreement will be released and included in the next payout of Settlement Fund.

We shall have the right to unilaterally change Rolling Reserve conditions applicable to You based on Our assessment of Your risk level, including without limitation the case when You exceed the allowable Chargeback or Fraud Ratios or when Your sales significantly drop.

We may establish other types of security to be applicable to Merchants from time to time. We will notify You in advance of any financial security measures introduced by Us that may influence Your use of the Service

Merchant violation of Rule (1) will face immediate service termination.

  1. In connection with the sale of its goods and/or services on the Internet, the Merchant shall ensure that:
    1. all necessary permits, licenses and authorizations from any authority have been obtained;
    2. the sale of its goods and/or services does not contravene the law of Merchant's country or the law in any other jurisdiction in or from which the goods and/or services are to be sold;
  2. It is a general standard practice and responsibility of Merchant to step up necessary operation control to mitigate the fraud risk, whether preventive and also remedial.


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