Prohibited Business List

Updated time: Dec 17, 2020 , 09:56 (UTC+03:00)

Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under host country laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements, including without limitation host country requirements related to environmental, health and safety and labour aspects.

  • Production or trade in weapons and munitions.
  • Production or trade in alcoholic beverages (including beer and wine).
  • Production or trade in tobacco.
  • Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises.
  • Production or trade in pharmaceuticals subject to international phase-outs or bans.
  • Production or trade in pesticides/herbicides subject to international phase-outs or bans.
  • Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labour/harmful child labour.
  • Production, trade, storage, or transport of significant volumes of hazardous chemicals, or commercial scale usage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Any business relating to pornography or prostitution
  • Abusing confidential or material, non-public information
  • Trading of Animal Fur, Bones and Ivory
  • Diamond trading without Kimberley Certification
  • Indecent and Obscene material including child pornography
  • Cultural objects like sculptures, statues, antiques, collector’s items, archaeological pieces especially from Iraq.
  • Trading of Fireworks, explosives and Nuclear Weapons
  • Drug trafficking including chemicals used to manufacture synthetic drug or drugs
  • Bitcoin Binary Trading/Virtual Money without licenses.
  • Investment from several individuals (third party) without proper approval
  • Human Body Parts and Pathogens
  • Gambling/Betting/Casino/Horse Racing/Bingo/Sports Betting without licenses.
  • Online Casino/Online Poker/Online Gambling/Online Betting without licenses.
  • Prize Draws/Gift Cards/Any form of Lottery/Scratch cards without licenses.
  • Trading in Derivatives/Options/Hedging/FOREX
  • Money exchange dealer without licenses.
  • Jewel, Gem, Precious metal dealers without licenses.
  • Non - Profit Organization

The above list is not exhaustive and may be subject to regular changes.


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