What are the stages of chargeback?

07 Jun 2022 By PAYCEC

After a shopper raises an issue, it passes through several steps. It's critical to understand how the dispute process works before defending a case.

The following steps can be taken to start the process:

  • - Notification of Fraud (NOF) - PayCEC sends the equivalent of a Visa and Mastercard SAFE (System to Avoid Fraud Effectively) report to warn you of fraud activity. There is no dispute, and no funds have been taken from your account. If there is no 3D Secure liability shift, this transaction may become a chargeback.
  • Actively review the NOF and offer refunds as soon as possible (to avoid a chargeback).
  • The shopper must be stopped.
  • If at all feasible, halt the transportation of goods.
  • - Request for Information (RFI) - The issuer asks for more details about the transaction. At this time, no funds are being taken from your account. If you do not react to the RFI within a reasonable time, a chargeback may occur, and funds may be removed from your account.
  • Provide the issuer with the requested transactional information.
  • - Chargeback Notification (NoC) - The issuer has launched a chargeback, which can be disputed. The NOC can happen after an RFI or just after the payment status is changed to Settled or Refunded, skipping the RFI process. The chargeback debit normally happens within a few days of receiving the NOC.
  • PayCEC will automatically fight chargebacks that don't require your involvement, such as fraud chargebacks with a liability shift. You must upload your defense papers to defend a chargeback that cannot be automatically defended. This can be done in your Customer Area or through the Disputes API.

The dispute then progresses through the following stages:

1. The First Chargeback

2. Data Provided

3. Reverse Chargeback

4. Pre-arbitration consultations (Only Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Mastercard)

5. The Second Chargeback

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