QR Code Payment Gateways: The Full Picture

Thursday, 23 May, 2024

QR payment gateways have had many ups and downs ever since their introduction. Despite their rocky start, QR codes are coming back, and this time, they won't go anywhere soon.

It is time we figured out why QR codes got a second chance. But before we get into the exciting parts, let's start with the basics.

Let's look at what brought QR codes to where they are now.

Let's look at what brought QR codes to where they are now.

How Do QR Codes Work?

As simplicity and speed often dictate where we shop and how we pay, QR codes are becoming a staple, especially for those who prefer fast, effortless payments.

So, how do these square-shaped wonders work?

Rather than using a regular cash register, you generate QR codes with specific software. Each of them is unique and corresponds to an item or service, including the price.

At checkout, customers pull out their cellphones, open the camera or a QR reader app, and scan the QR code. The amount is preset, and a quick tap finishes the transaction.

This payment mode cuts down the clutter of physical cash and speeds up the entire process. Customers spend less time queuing and fumbling with change, and the merchant enjoys a smoother flow of customers.

This mutual need has fueled a growth in the use of such technology by many businesses, big and small. As more customers realize the benefits, QR payments are developing to be an integral part of how we trade.

QR Code for Digital Rupee Payments

According to The Hindu Businessline, a recent initiative is underway to make QR codes for UPI and e-rupee payments interoperable. With this practice, customers no longer have to wonder which code to scan or worry about the merchant’s preferred payment method.

The National Payments Council of India (NPCI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are driving this move, intending to simplify the payment process while maintaining the distinct operational back-ends of each system. UPI connects directly to bank accounts for immediate transactions, whereas the e-rupee works within a digital wallet setup.

For merchants, this means a streamlined approach to accepting payments. They can use one QR code system instead of several, making it easier to adopt the e-rupee despite its currently low usage rates.

The fusion of digital rupee and UPI QR codes aims to minimize complications for merchants and simplify choices for consumers, focusing attention on purchases rather than payment methods, which is crucial in a country where digital transactions are a rapidly growing necessity.

Are QR Code Payment Gateways Right for You?

The evolution of payment methods is bringing QR codes to the forefront. But are QR code payment gateways the right fit for you? A brief look at what they have to offer will help you decide if it is time to adopt this technology.

There are several things about a QR payment gateway that make it impossible to ignore.

There are several things about a QR payment gateway that make it impossible to ignore.

Effortless and Fast Transactions

The merchant displays a QR code, and the customer scans and pays with their phones. How does that sound? QR payments are a game changer for those who value time and prefer not to carry cash or cards.

Reduced Contact, Enhanced Safety

Traditional payment methods often require touching a keypad or handing over a card. With a QR code payment gateway, you avoid these touchpoints entirely. This contactless nature keeps things hygienic and swift - customers are in and out in a heartbeat.

Security at Your Fingertips

QR payment gateways provide an added degree of protection above traditional methods. Because customers started and managed the transaction, they didn't need to enter a PIN or hand over their card. Their device's security, locked with their fingerprints, face, or password, provides a solid barrier against possible fraud.

How to Add QR Code Payments

Integrating a QR code into your business is like upgrading it with superpowers – it becomes faster and more convenient for your customers. If you decide to give it a go, follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Set Up QR Code Reading: Prepare your systems to scan QR codes. You can use software or get help from tech experts if needed.
  2. Create Your QR Codes: Make your custom QR codes for payments. Tools like QR code APIs can do this for you, so you don't need to be a tech whiz.
  3. Connect to Payment Gateways: Choose a payment gateway to link your QR codes to your bank account. With numerous options available, you can pick the one that best fits your business needs.
  4. Start Accepting Payments: When you are ready to go, link your QR code and payment gateway. Then, sit back and wait for the payments to come in.

Top UPI QR Code Payment Gateways

Are you prepared to take your first QR code payments? Let's look at some UPI QR payment gateways that make digital transactions as simple as never before.

When discussing QR code payment gateways, three names spring to mind.

When discussing QR code payment gateways, three names spring to mind.


PayG puts your comfort front and center, giving you a bird's-eye view of your account with just a single click.

The UPI QR code payment gateway allows you to register in three simple steps and start receiving secure payments instantly. No more waiting days on end to get your hands on your hard-earned money.

And when your customers pay up, you get your money right away. PayG takes pride in settling your funds instantly, with no holding back.

Enable your customers to pay in parts with the click of a button - set the amounts and let PayG take care of the rest.

With PayG, you are in an ultra-secure environment, complete with PCI compliance and DSS certification. Trust them when they say your financial data is in good hands.


Simplicity is non-negotiable. Easebuzz streamlines checkout flows so you can expect the best success rates. Need cash fast? With Easebuzz, you will enjoy fast settlement cycles and easy reconciliation.

Their PCI DSS level-1 compliance guarantees the highest payment security standards, protecting your financial information at all times and costs.

Stay in the loop 24/7 with timely notifications for every payment via UPI pay. With Easebuzz, you will never miss a beat.

PayGate QR Checkout

PayGate UPI QR code payment gateway is the perfect blend of ease and security, designed to make your life easier.

Whether you prefer Google Pay or Apple Pay, PayGate QR accepts both. Enjoy an unparalleled in-person payment experience, no matter your preference.

Your security is their top priority. With advanced encryption technology, PayGate QR Checkout ensures that every transaction is resilient against emerging cyber risks.

In a world that revolves around digitalization, PayGate QR Checkout is a sound approach to offer contactless payments you can’t go wrong with.

So there you have it - the top UPI QR code payment gateways that are changing the game for businesses everywhere. With features designed to simplify, secure, and enhance checkouts, there's never been a better time to make the switch.

It’s Time to Join Team PayCEC

PayCEC provides a solid base for businesses to develop their digital payment strategy.

PayCEC provides a solid base for businesses to develop their digital payment strategy.

Sure, QR codes are handy for touch-free transactions, but today, customers need more than just a scan-and-pay solution. That's where PayCEC steps in, offering a comprehensive payment gateway that allows your business to shine the brightest.

Integration is the name of the game when accepting payments online. We respect your time, so we’ve developed a 24-hour integration service to make registration free and efficient. Count on us to offer you secure checkout services anytime you need them.

And for those who like to march to the beat of your drum, PayCEC offers customizable solutions that put you in the driver's seat.

Whether you want more control over security or create a checkout experience that screams your brand's personality, consider it done by the time you choose PayCEC.

And talking about security, we mean the best measures possible: encrypted transactions, top-notch fraud protection, buyer authentication, or anything that makes your business feel safe and secure.

Join our community of satisfied partners who have experienced the power of streamlined checkout with PayCEC. Register now and discover how we rewrite the story of contactless payments!

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